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Support emojis next to contact names

I just had update on Note 3 and now I can no longer add emojis to my contact names? Any way to work around. Tried copy and paste but won't work. Not the end of the world, but I really liked being able to. Help...I need a Christmas miracle..okay , some Christmas cheer.



#1 musicbysterling, Dec 4, 2014
Sorry for multiple posts..kept saying there was a server error when I pressed create thread.
#2 musicbysterling, Dec 4, 2014
No worries, it a pesky bug in the new forum software that admin is trying to pin down. I cleaned them up.:)
#3 Unforgiven, Dec 4, 2014
I have Swiftkey as my keyboard and it allows you to add emoji's to the contact name. You first have to enable the emoji feature. Once you have installed the Swiftkey keyboard open your contacts and select one you would like to change. Click on the little pencil to edit the contact, then click in the contact name section to bring up the keyboard. The lower left key with the 123 has the settings for the keyboard if you long press it. Go to settings then layout and check the last one that says Enter Key long press for emoji. back out to your keyboard and you can long press on the enter key (bottom right) and it will bring up a whole bunch of emojis.

I hope this makes sense. Let me know if you have any questions.
#4 saltz, Dec 4, 2014
Thanks. But I tried and it still won't let me. It used to before the latest Kit Kat update to 4.4.4. It's a small thing but I really liked it.
#5 musicbysterling, Dec 7, 2014
I downloaded SwiftKey keyboard but when I try to put an emoji next to a name in my contacts,it says "unable to paste texts that includes emoticons". How can I put an emoji next to a name in my contacts?
#6 Avery dejesus, Feb 20, 2015
Step 1: download contacts optimizer
step 2:click on edit contacts
step 3:edit your contacts with emojis
step 4:Wala! your contacts now have emojis!
#7 tressieee, May 12, 2015

you seriously saved me from all the hassle finding it on google!!!!!!!!! i just downloaded it right now and my problems are now fixed! thank you so much!!!!!!
#8 cathleen coombes, Jun 27, 2015
Yoooo I swear you are so smart saved me a lot of stress and it was quick and easy and I love that new app better than emoji keyboard.. Thank you so much
#9 Medina cm, Sep 1, 2015
Hey I Have A Galaxy Grand Prime And I Was wondering if anyone Can Help Me Find out Why Can't I Put Emojis After Contact Names
#10 Daprime, Dec 29, 2015
Can you help me?? I don't understand..
#11 Niyah Craig, Jan 29, 2016