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Support Expandable storage (Micro SD) limit

I have been seeing inconsistent amounts for the storage limit on the stylo. Currently on both the metro pcs and tmobile websites it says it has Up to 32GB Expandable Memory. On literally every review before it came out it says 128GB or up to 2TB. Whats strange is I also saw a review where they had a screen shot of tmobiles first specs on it when it said up to 128GB or 2TB. Has anyone one tried to put any micro sd card on it above 32GB like the 64 or 128. If so let me know. Thats my only deciding factor for this phone.

on a side note not sure what prefix this would be considered....



#1 Muteki Chojin, Jun 12, 2015
I have Boost Mobile version. I have not Activated it yet - waiting until end of month to leave Virgin Mobile. I just bought a 32BG microSD online so I hope it works. The Boost site says it's version supports up to 32GB. I notice the T-Mobile and MetroPCS versions have higher specs for their versions of the phone like 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and a 12MP camera, etc. Point is, there is different versions of this phone dependent on the carrier it is for.
#2 Murf1, Jun 12, 2015
I have the boost version, and have a 32 gb sd card in it and it works fine. Only issue im having is finding a working wifi tether...
#3 theminor19, Jun 13, 2015
LG G Stylo (US)standard support is 32g but u can go as high as 128 the 2Tb its for the G4 stylo UE & Korean versions
#4 Krlypumaa, Jun 13, 2015
with the metro version I'm using a 32gb card. on xda some people are saying they are using 64gb cards.
#5 bnb25, Jun 13, 2015
I'm using a 64 gig card in my metro stylo with no problems
#6 AP2FTW, Jun 13, 2015
The reason they state that cards only up to 32gb are supported us because cards larger than that come formatted to ntfs format by default, which Android (by default) can't read. All you need to do is format the larger card to fat and it should work no problems
#7 Lordvincent 90, Jun 13, 2015
i can confirm as well about 64GB cards supported on this device, probably support even up to 128GB but i don't have a 128gb card so i can't say it does
#8 DrakenFX, Jun 13, 2015
you guys answered me on xda already lol thanks
#9 Muteki Chojin, Jun 13, 2015
lol i thought the question looked familiar...i did forget to mention that important info that lordvincent posted though, the card must be formatted as fat 32 for the phone to read it
#10 AP2FTW, Jun 13, 2015
not necessary when the SDCARD is inserted the phone will show a message about need to be format so no need to use PC to reformat the sdcard.
#11 DrakenFX, Jun 13, 2015
ok cool I'm gonna buy a 128gb soon then. Im wondering if that will work with my f6.
#12 Muteki Chojin, Jun 14, 2015
i haven't heard about Stylo been compatible with 128gb sdcards so take that in consideration if you buy it from a local store that will be a better idea just in case doesn't work and need to be return or exchange for a 64gb sdcard, just my 2 cents
#13 DrakenFX, Jun 14, 2015
#14 djfreshboy, Jun 14, 2015
i'm using 64 GB on my Boost Stylo...
#15 6th_Hokage, Jun 24, 2015
Yes it longest your doing the sd.hack 64ext4/64fat32
#16 Krlypumaa, Jun 24, 2015
For practical purposes there is no sd size detect limit nowadays.
If a phone can handle 32, it can do larger sizes.
This should no longer be a worry, esp. with the top brands.
If you think I'm wrong feel free to put me in my place.
#17 horsecharles, Jun 27, 2015
i have a stylo on tmobile using a 64 gb and it works fine, on my equipment box it says it take up to 128
#18 Sumo210, Jul 3, 2015
I've got a 128 GB on the way,ETA 7/14/15:

I'll post my findings regarding formatting/compatibility/etc. at that time.
#19 KOLIO, Jul 11, 2015
ThePNY 128 GB Card just arrived:
I installed the card,a pop-up appeared stating the card was either blank or has an unsupported file system.
Upon tapping on the pop-up,I was given the option to format the card.
Phone successfully formatted the card,stating 119GB of storage is available.

This works for me,I'll probably get a couple more from the same seller (B&H VIDEO/PHOTO).

For those who may prefer Sandisk,their most current/updated version is on sale today (7-14-15) @ AMAZON for $59.99 +tax & shipping.
#20 KOLIO, Jul 14, 2015
I have lexar from ebay which its has been the best for my taste out of all i have had
Premium memory solution for sports camcorders, tablets, and smartphonesQuickly captures, stores, plays back, and transfers media files, including 1080p full-HD, 3D, and 4K videoLeverages UHS-I technology for a transfer speed up to 633x (95MB/s)*Stores more than 15 hours of HD video; 33,000 photos; or 28,000 songs**Includes high-speed, Class 10 card and USB 3.0 readerLimited lifetime warranty for card and one-year limited warranty for USB 3.0 reader

Edited::: sorry i didn't wanna sound like a commercial or ad @ all... I just copied and pasted info... But to be quiye honest... I work in media editing. Vid,aud,etc.etc.. N the need to transfer raw vids n audios as fast as i need through my device n server. even wireless this has been yhe best. I still have a samsung.edgepro, sandisk ultimapro, pyn platinum... All full all functioning... But as performance "FOR ME" its this one.
#21 Krlypumaa, Jul 14, 2015 Last edited: Jul 14, 2015
No apologies needed,makes sense to use the mfgs description.:thumbsupdroid:
FWIW,I do it all the time,especially when answering a help request/carrier/mfg/spec data......
#22 KOLIO, Jul 15, 2015
I'm still debating which to get. You guys posted some good options. My current one is a samsung that I've had for about 5yrs now and still good. So I may be inclined to get this one on sale...

#23 GameTheory, Jul 15, 2015
Looks good to me:
Name brand + Excellent price,no worries regarding warranties,a can't miss.:thumbsupdroid:
#24 KOLIO, Jul 15, 2015
I notice bestB. Has the lexmark for 90sum dollars... Which is a good price.
#25 Krlypumaa, Jul 15, 2015