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Explain instant rebate

Alright so 3 Metro phones have the instant rebate when you buy them at them stores. Instead of paying $129, you only pay $29 after the instant rebate. Soo my question is if i were to go into a store would i pay up 129 and then get the 100 back OR do i just pay $29. Or does it depend on the store and the clerk im dealing with and if im able to talk them into just paying $29 as its the same thing
I know i have to activate it so id also end up paying for the activation fee that the store would make me pay plus the monthly service cost


#1 qandres12, Jun 6, 2013
New activation means new customers only existing customers cant hop on this rebate
#2 Gman9831, Jun 6, 2013
Here it is
#3 Gman9831, Jun 6, 2013
But all id have to do is buy a new device, and activate a new line. The phone would 29, the "activation fee" would be around 5-15, and the plan would be 40, 50, or 60. Thr activation isnt always applied but some stores charge you as a way for them to make money. So in reality youre still paying 74 to 104, when all variables are applied.
#4 qandres12, Jun 6, 2013
You have it right.

$29 + your first month + activate + tax.

Both Corporate stores I called said $15 to activate. You are most likely to not get hosed over at a Corporate store. The stores are either Corp or Auth dealers. The Metro website will tell you which one.

It's free to activate on-line and over the phone but they won't sell you a phone in store without you activating it there.

Bruce in Ocala, FL
#5 OcalaFlGuy, Jun 6, 2013
its not so much new customers as just cant have old accounts. if you dont mind paying for a new number, someone may want to get a device and flip it on ebay for some extra money :)
#6 Shabbypenguin, Jun 6, 2013
Well, it seems to depend on the store, because even though MetroPCS's website states: "Come into any MetroPCS store or Authorized Dealer by June 30th and enjoy INSTANT SAVINGS on any of these three hot 4G LTE phones." and you are given to the option to search for stores, which include Walmart in there list of Authorized Dealers, when I call several Walmarts, I am told that the phone is the regular price and that this offer is only good at MetroPCS's retail stores.

Calling MetroPCS is a waste of time because I am told that they do not have the answer to this question as to whether Walmart is included.

If anyone can shed light on this, I would greatly appreciate it.
#7 roseuz, Jun 18, 2013