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I am getting a warranty replacement for my Fascinate today. Anyway, my contacts and images are easilly backed up and synced with gmail. Is there an easy way to export a list of all the free Apps I have installed so I can print them out? Too lazy to write them all down but will if I have too. ;<) Also, not quite as important to me but is there an easy to export all the text messages and import them into the replacement phone?



#1 matthewh, Sep 22, 2010
Try an app called APP BRAIN... it will sync with your phone and keep a running list of your current apps on their site. You can also, select new apps from their site to be installed from their site and then open their app on your phone to install them without having to search through the entire market. I installed it last week and have found it to be handy so far. Hope it helps!
#2 lonzom10, Sep 22, 2010
I strongly second this recommendation. This is a must-have app. You can manage new installs and updates for existing apps, and you can restore all of your installed apps from what is in effect an online backup storage source if you lose or brick your phone.
#3 jnewell, Sep 22, 2010

+1 for Appbrain! It's the first thing you should do!:)
#4 wtherrell, Sep 22, 2010
From a command window, "adb shell pm list packages > D:/installed_packages.txt", without quotation marks, choose your path. From:
#5 namitutonka, Jul 17, 2017