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Root Extended mms.apk

Here's the mms.apk from cyanogenmod 7.2.I'm not sure if it works on all rom's. I know for a fact it works on roms that run stock 2.3.4 so i'm not sure if it'll work for 2.3.6. I wanted this mainly because of the fact you can switch between black and white backgrounds sooooo yeah.


Also this isn't my work. Just something I found on another forum

Edit: forgot to add instructions for the noobs lol.

  • Download the file and put it on your sdcard and rename it to Mms.apk
  • Go into /system/app with root explorer and rename your original mms.apk mms.apk.bak
  • Move or copy the mms.apk you just downloaded to /system/app
  • Change it's permissions so that every box under read is checked and the owner box under write is checked and every other box should be unchecked
  • Reboot and you're good to go

Look at the attachments to see how it should look

P.S. Mms doesn't work with this still sooo yeah lol


#1 KageBeast, Aug 15, 2012
That is the ics messaging app from the market
#2 Diego1593, Aug 15, 2012
Well actually it's not. That app isn't black like this one. Only white. The guy said it was on cyanogenmond
#3 KageBeast, Aug 15, 2012
I would also like to get something like this, at least a black messaging theme
#4 k0r, Aug 16, 2012
Well i was able to get the default mms.apk from cyanogenmod that lets you change the background from black or white if you want it
#5 KageBeast, Aug 16, 2012
Does it work on stock?
#6 Slickinator, Aug 16, 2012
Yeah it's a modified version that i found on another forum. I'm using it on monster so it should work for any rom
#7 KageBeast, Aug 16, 2012
Could you send me that ? Thanks
#8 k0r, Aug 16, 2012
Alright i'll pm you
#9 KageBeast, Aug 16, 2012
Me too heh :D
#10 Slickinator, Aug 16, 2012
I would greatly appreciate that file also.
#11 MrTolk3, Aug 16, 2012
Why not just upload it to the thread? :p
#12 Diego1593, Aug 16, 2012
post link in the thread just in case others might want it when your not online, great find also. ;)
#13 nuttmeg, Aug 16, 2012
Lol alright. This is one of those times where scouring google for minutes helped.
#14 KageBeast, Aug 16, 2012
how do you install it? can i get some instructions please. do i delete the old mms.apk?
#15 Uriel95, Aug 17, 2012
First what version is it? Is it for 2.3.6 or 2.3.4 os? Go to settings and go to mms and see what version its for please lol don't wanna mess my mms up
#16 Diego1593, Aug 17, 2012
Sorry about that. I updated the OP and added instructions.

It's neither lol. It's messaging 2.3.5
#17 KageBeast, Aug 17, 2012
Thanks for the instructions :D #NoobHere
#18 Uriel95, Aug 17, 2012
Tried this on o.a rom got android process acore stooped and forced closed
#19 jpizle, Aug 17, 2012
How did you install it? I've never got a process force close messing with mms.apk on any rom
#20 KageBeast, Aug 17, 2012
Then this wasn't meant for 2.3.6 it will crash automaticly
#21 Diego1593, Aug 17, 2012
Well i'm gonna flash oa myself and see if it really doesn't work and i'll update the OP accordingly.
#22 KageBeast, Aug 17, 2012
The way u explained in the op
#23 jpizle, Aug 17, 2012
Oh it is. I just put on oa 2.3.12 and it worked

I just did it so you must've did it wrong. I'll put up screenshots to show what it should look like
#24 KageBeast, Aug 17, 2012
I can confirm this is working on OA2.3, I just did it. I miss having this in CM7, excellent work :)

Sent from my Admire running OA2.3 by Spz0
#25 SacredBloodlin, Aug 17, 2012