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Support Extract still photo frames from video

So I purchase my Galaxy S4 a week ago. The first day I used it, I took some video. During video playback (not during video filming), I was able to extract still photo frames. There was a small box in the upper middle of the video during playback just under the name of the video and if I hit that it would capture a still frame of the video. On either side of that button were arrows to advance the frame forward or back. There was no hooking it up to a computer or anything, it was on the phone itself.
So last night instead of taking pictures I video the fireworks hoping to extract the photos so today I try and the little box is no longer there. When I was first able to do this it was a stock phone, I did not have any apps downloaded. Has anyone else been able to exract frames from video? What am I doing wrong?
Also, it was not a screen shot of the video, it was an actual extracted frame from the video during playback.


#1 AlanH70, Jul 5, 2013
Hi AlanH70, I moved your thread in here so you will have better feedback.:)
#2 LilBit, Jul 5, 2013
Which video player are you using?

You should be able to go to Samsung's video player (App drawer->video), and enable capture (menu, settings, capture--yes), and play the video that you want to capture frames from. Then, when the video is playing, just tap the screen and it should take a snapshot of the video for you into your gallery.
#3 jj14x, Jul 5, 2013