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Facebook and Messanger evil autostart

Hello guys i need your help figuring this out. As many people do i have fb and messanger apps. I dont like facebook and messanger running in the backgroud so i disabled autostart permission for both of the apps. Earlier this year it was enough to stop those with clearing running minimised apps drawer . But it stopped working after a while. Now im using greenify app that force stops both of those apps in the settings menu like a macro. I can verify that both of them are force stopped in the running apps and services menu.
How on earth does it randomly starts it self back up??? Every few minutes facebook service starts itself up along with messanger im not launching apps either. Its really annoying and frusturating. I cant just go to settings and stop that service every few minutes i need it stopped.
And this is the only paracidic app like facebook doing this other apps obey autostart permissions.
Im running miui global 8.2 android 6.0.1


#1 9justinas9, Sep 12, 2017
#2 9justinas9, Sep 13, 2017
Use a browser for Facebook instead
#3 Dannydet, Sep 13, 2017
I get the idea that FB wants their app to always be running and active, and so will try their damnedest and every means possible to ensure that it is, despite what a user may want. As @Dannydet suggested use a browser instead for FB. I think the Facebook Lite app is OK as well.
#4 mikedt, Sep 13, 2017
Indeed, what the others said use a browser instead. There are of course limitations to this, limitations Facebook put in place to make you use the apps such as limited uploading of photos and messenger automatically sending you to the play store to download the service blocking you seeing your messages.

You can work around this by selecting the friends tab and then choosing to view the website as a full site rather than a mobile version and the messenger will work. The website will also ask you if you want to grant it access to send you notifications so the service works better, personally I do not allow this.
#5 JAy3001, Sep 13, 2017