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General facebook chat heads not working

Hello all,

I downloaded the update for fb messenger today and cant seem to get the chat heads to work. There is no setting under notifications to turn them on
Anyone else having issues? I tried rebooting my phone and uninstalling/reinstalling the app


#1 MongolStomp, Apr 12, 2013
I have the same issue...installed the new FB Messenger app on my Nexus 4 but there is no Chat heads under notifications :(
#2 ali_s110, Apr 12, 2013
Same issue here, can't get chat heads to work on my Note 2 after updating Messenger. Anyone have an idea how to fix this?
#3 Keegen, Apr 12, 2013
Mention it in play store review and try uninstall update in app mannager then hope that they fix it :)

EDIT just remembered Chat Heads is that new feature sorry :thumbup:
#4 funkylogik, Apr 12, 2013
Exactly the same issue here on my Nexus 4...
#5 lob, Apr 12, 2013
Works fine on my Samsung Galaxy 3. They're actually pretty cool, i'm actually using FB messenger as my default sms app now because of chat heads. :)
#6 newtoandroid99, Apr 12, 2013
Well, it is working on my AT&T GS3. I did have Facebook previously installed, but not Messenger. I installed Facebook Home, which then upgraded Facebook. Chatheads did not appear. I then installed Messenger and chatheads suddenly appeared when I got a text from someone. I don't use FB messenger hardly at all, but I have it enabled to handle both sms and fb messages, and chatheads are working.

Honestly, they are kind of cool. The whole FB Home thing seems to work well. I have it set as my lockscreen but still use native touchwiz as my launcher.
#7 cmusciano, Apr 12, 2013
Mine work fine for 5 minutes then stop working again. Also my notification sometimes works and then I'll get no messages for an hour until I go in the app and see I've had half a dozen that it never bothered to alert me for.

#8 UserName872, Apr 12, 2013
No sign of chat heads for me what so ever. I have done a clean install of everything facebook related on my Galaxy S3 and there's no option to enable chat heads.

Could it do with the Messenger build number restricting the ability in certain countries?

e.g. no chat heads in the UK until Facebook Home is officially launched?

It seems very strange that it's a scattered group who can and who can't access this feature.

I've done everything possible to get it to work and absolutely no joy.
#9 andybaws, Apr 13, 2013
Na, it works in the UK.

People think it is an account issue because apparently you can login to Messenger with one account and chat heads works, and with another, it doesn't. If you look in the Play Store it now says "chat heads....(available to everyone soon)". So they know it is an issue, and they are going to fix it. We'll just have to wait.
#10 lob, Apr 13, 2013
Anyone else still having this problem?

I am, and it has been quite a while.

I might go the MoDaCo route and install the 'hacked' APKs, though that probably won't work...
#11 lob, May 4, 2013
After seeing this, I made it my default SMS app too as I like the chat heads. The only trouble was that using Messenger meant that I couldn't maintain the individual tones I had set for SMS messages for some contacts. The Messenger app doesn't have that feature so I'm now back with the old Samsung app again. Oh well.

#12 G8pcw, May 4, 2013