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Support Facebook notification icon gone

I had to uninstall and reinstall Facebook because it kept closing. Now the little icon that used to show up for notifications doesn't show up. Any idea how to fix this ?
I have uninstall and reinstall it again.


#1 eirianbryn, Oct 12, 2017
If I'm reading you correctly, your not receiving FB notifications in your notification bar. Dumb question. Have you looked in the notifications tab and made sure FB is checked?
#2 watson1115051, Oct 20, 2017
Correct and Yes I double checked all the options.
#3 eirianbryn, Oct 21, 2017
clear cache on the phone, clear google play services cache?

untick/re-tick notification settings?

is the app able to run in the background or is it set to kill?
#4 marctronixx, Oct 21, 2017