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Facebook photo uploading error

I've searched the forums but have found no solution to my issue.

Whenever I go to gallery and click on a photo to "Share" and click facebook I immediately receive an error "Upload, An error had occurred while saving the photo" anyone have any suggestions?

I tried rebooting among other things... I love the phone so far though just want to upload pics to facebook now :)


#1 jordo636, Nov 10, 2009
Have you tried uploading images over WiFi to see if you get the same result? :)
#2 Carl C, Nov 10, 2009
Yes, I get the same result if I'm connected to Wifi :(
#3 jordo636, Nov 10, 2009
I figured out one thing...

You have to go to the facebook regular site and click on settings - Mobile - Register for Facebook text. Then you can choose your carrier and get setup!

I'm still having the upload error though :(
#4 jordo636, Nov 10, 2009
Ok, got it!

The pic i was uploading was to large but it never game me any kind of feed back as to what was wrong with the photo. I was able to upload another photo to FB.
#5 jordo636, Nov 10, 2009
Oh Good one :D

Thanks for sharing what sorted it out to , Hopefully this will help others who may come across the same problem :)
#6 Carl C, Nov 10, 2009
why would the official facebook app take pictures which are too large for its own website?
#7 Jleagle, Jan 21, 2010
Facebook is flakey, it has nothing to do with registering a carrier or wifi or not, sometimes it just doesn't work. I had it happen last night, tried to upload several times ad it would error out. Then an hour later tried again and the same picture went.
#8 Eugene, Jan 21, 2010