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Factory Reset with bblank screen and password protection

Hi all,

Due to water damage, the screen has stopped working. During my efforts to dry the handset out, it ran out of battery.

I have since tried to connect it to my PC via SmartSwitch but because it has been switched off, it will not unlock until I input my password - I cannot see anything on the screen and so cannot enter this information.

I am resigned to either fixing it (not really cost effective) or replacing. If I were to replace, is there a way of factory resetting it when I cannot see anything on screen?

Many thanks,



#1 AJ193, Sep 3, 2017
You could buy a micro-USB to HDMI MHL adapter (with 5 -11 pins - check which one you need before you buy!). This will allow you connect and view your phone's screen on a TV or monitor, from which you will be able to use your phone. You should back up all your data, then do a factory reset (if needed) and buy a replacement screen.
#2 Inferior Being, Sep 3, 2017
It depends on whether it's just the display that's dead or the touch layer as well. If just the display then mirroring it as suggested above will let you do what you need. If both then it's more fun, but if all you need is to unlock that's doable blind.

What you need is a keyboard and a usb org adaptor. Connect the keyboard to the usb socket using the adaptor, then you should be able to wake the display (I can't remember what keys I used for this - enter or space possibly) then use the keyboard to enter the password. I'm hoping that with a password you'll be able to use the keyboard itself - when I had to do this the other year it was a pin, which was fun because I had to use the cursor and enter keys, which also meant getting the cursor to a known position before starting. It will be much easier if you have another phone you can practice with while you can see what you are doing (as I had).

Swapping between keyboard and mhl (to see whether I'd been successful) was also tiresome. But I managed to get a phone unlocked and paired to a BT keyboard that way, after which I could both control the phone and see what I was doing...
#3 Hadron, Sep 3, 2017
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#4 Milton Alexander, Sep 13, 2017