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How To FAQ: Transfer Contact List From Verizon Backup Assistant to Google Voice

I've noticed many people asking questions relating to Verizon Backup Assistant data migration to Gmail/Google Voice.

1. Log into Verizon Backup Assistant
2. Click on Export to CSV
3. Save File as (or Rename to) Contacts (it should already be converted to CSV so including .csv is redundant)
4. Log into Gmail/Google Voice
5. Click on Contacts
6. Click on Import
7. Browse for the Contacts (.csv) file
8. Click Import

I'd like to thank usawrestling for showing me the appropriate Google Voice forum.

And I'd like to thank bobpiesz for writing up the original guide on the Google Voice forum which I had to edit because Verizon Backup Assistant changed a little bit since that guide was written.

I hope this helps.


#1 QrafTee, Nov 16, 2009
Thanks very much for your contribution... Please continue the good work.
#2 justjimjpc, Nov 16, 2009
For the record, this same method can be used from Outlook, or any mail application that supports exporting contacts to CSV...
#3 mplevy, Nov 17, 2009
I exported contacts from Verizon and imported into Google. Now should I clear the verizon contacts?
#4 NancyB, Jun 24, 2012