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Fatality: 2018 edition

It's the end of 2017; as some call it, a dumpster-fire of a year. Though I am a few days early, here's to the first entry: the passing of 2017.

Here's to 2018, may this thread see fewer entries than its predecessor....


#1 Dngrsone, Dec 27, 2017
Child actor Jon Paul Steuer has died of unreported causes at 33. He was the first actor to portray Whorf's son on TNG and later portrayed Grace's son in the sitcom "Grace Under Fire."

#2 rootabaga, Jan 5, 2018
Astronaut John Young has succumbed to complications of pneumonia at 87. Thanks for pushing the envelope, sir, and Godspeed.

#3 rootabaga, Jan 7, 2018
Jerry Van Dyke, Dick's brother, has stepped into eternity's stage at 86.

He was a funny, wonderfully talented guy. RIP, Jerry, and thank for all the laughs.

#4 rootabaga, Jan 7, 2018 Last edited: Jan 7, 2018
Ray Thomas, multi-talented musician with The Moody Blues (esp. flute), has died at 76. :( I hope he sent all the letters he meant to.

Tagging @MoodyBlues in case she hasn't heard.

#5 rootabaga, Jan 8, 2018 Last edited: Jan 8, 2018
Legendary sportscaster Keith Jackson dies at 89
#6 olbriar, Jan 13, 2018
These days I've been watching videos on YouTube from Cayleigh Elise and Rob Dyke, these make vids about people who are deceased and/or missing.
It brings awareness of these cases but it's likely no one reveals anything if they know. That is, for whatever reason it may be.
Personally, I'm convinced that Maddie McCan was pre-planned for kidnap by her parents but obviously they'll always make themselves the victims. Because $$$.
#7 PhilipX20, Jan 15, 2018
I searched for John Paul Steuer and down the list I found a rather disturbing list by a UK news outlet kind of celebrating the death of celebrities in 2018. Not to mention, it's only January 15.
#8 PhilipX20, Jan 15, 2018
Based on what evidence do you draw that conclusion?
Are you saying the parents sold their own daughter for financial gain?! Ridiculous!
Judging by what I've seen of the case (and I don't know all the facts). They are guilty of extreme negligence by leaving their young children unattended.
#9 LV426, Jan 15, 2018
Dolores O'Riordan from The Cranberries. I really liked her voice, they were a fun band.
#10 Clementine_3, Jan 15, 2018
Hope she doesn't turn into a Zombie.

...sorry, couldn't resist. I was saddened to hear of this loss, at such a young age, too.
#11 Dngrsone, Jan 15, 2018
Me too. Even more scary is that she was my age....almost 6 months younger than I am, actually.
#12 johnlgalt, Jan 15, 2018
Agreed with Clementine_3. She was only 46 and was in London for a recording session, too. No cause of death reported, either. :(

RIP, Dolores, thanks for sharing your music and your voice. They will Linger a long while...
#13 rootabaga, Jan 16, 2018 Last edited: Jan 16, 2018
R. I. P. Tyler Hilinkski

#14 johnlgalt, Jan 17, 2018
^^^How horribly sad. May his family and friends find comfort to carry them through their awful grief.. :(
#15 rootabaga, Jan 17, 2018
RIP Allison Shearmur, 53.

Probably a name not well known, but she was pretty big behind the scenes in Hollywood, especially to Star Wars and Hunger Games fans.

#16 rootabaga, Jan 19, 2018
Only 53 damn. RIP. 😟
#17 PhilipX20, Jan 20, 2018
RIP Dorothy Malone, best known for Peyton Place, passed at 93.

#18 rootabaga, Jan 20, 2018
Bassist Jim Rodford, dead at 76. I didn't much care for the Zombies, but I did enjoy the Kinks, and I liked Jim's touch on the e-bass anyway. As an aside, maybe it's just that I'm getting older, but 76 doesn't seem that old. Well, except for rock 'n roll band guys. With all the stories about drugs, it's amazing any of them made it past 50.

Anyway, RIP, Jim. Thanks for thumping out some strong beats and helping to keep the rest of the band going strong.

#19 rootabaga, Jan 21, 2018
Former Olympian and Olympic Hockey GM Jim Johannson has died unexpectedly (in his sleep) at 53. Those who knew him have nothing but kind and gracious things to say about him; we should all be so lucky.

RIP, Jim, and thanks for all you did for the sport, both locally and on the world stage.

#20 rootabaga, Jan 22, 2018
I was watching The Middle (Season 9, Episode 13) and at the end they dedicated the episode to Jerry Van Dyke. Nooooooooooooo! I loved this guy do much and wished he had been my grandpa. God dammit. 😞 RIP.
#21 PhilipX20, Jan 22, 2018
R. I. P. Bailey Nicole Holt and Preston Ryan (both were 15)

#23 johnlgalt, Jan 23, 2018
She was so pretty and talented. To go at such a young age...
: (
#24 PhilipX20, Jan 23, 2018
R. I. P. Simon Shelton Barnes

#25 johnlgalt, Jan 23, 2018