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General Favorite Android Wear Weather apps?

Whats your favorite weather app for android Wear? I currently have the moto 360 & have accuweather. When i first set it up it thought i was in downtown Maryland. Its true i was downtown in Maryland but the city is Baltimore. It's also calling for rain tomorrow but every other source that i have is not so im not sure how accurate accuweather is. I also installed 1 weather & instaweather. I thought 1 weather was for android wear but for some reason its not showing up on my watch.I was wondering if anyone knows of a really good one.


#1 Sovby, Apr 24, 2015
I've been trying Weather Timeline because it has 4 options for the weather providers. So far so good.
#2 kmf, Apr 27, 2015
Aeris Wear. Really nice app and shows radar as well.
#3 Rdjr74, Jun 3, 2015
WearApp Watch just did a comprehensive review of 5 different weather apps. That help at all?
#4 nostrademons, Aug 28, 2015