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Support FindForFun virus/malware removal?

I have recently encountered a virus or some kind of malware that redirects me from any random app I might try to open to a website called findforfun.com

I am not entirely sure what triggers it because it only opens this website a couple times a day- sometimes when opening SnapChat or Facebook or even just reading emails. Strange and very annoying. My phone also appears to have slowed down ever since this started happening a week or so ago.

I downloaded Avast and have run several scans, but it hasn't found anything suspicious. I tweak settings a lot (font size and app placement/organization), so if at all possible, I want to avoid a factory reset, but it's not the end of the world if that's the only fix.

Here's what the page looks like:



#1 tmaff1337, Aug 25, 2015
I also have this exact problem if anybody has a solution I'd be very grateful.

#2 Westyp2k1, Aug 25, 2015
It's likely to be one of the apps you installed shortly before the problem started. If it was using "push notifications" then something like Addons Detector could identify it for you, but that junk was banned from the Play Store a long time ago.

A post in another forum suggested this app might identify the cause (and it sounded like exactly the same problem), but I've no experience with this myself.
#3 Hadron, Aug 25, 2015
Try malwarebites.com
#4 mcqste33, Aug 26, 2015
I had the same problem. After deinstallation of the App "Gallery Vault-Hide" the problem disappeared.
#5 Mumpf, Sep 11, 2015
Ihave had this same issue except it shows the images of ps4;ipad ect.
Anyone know how to delete it? I have cleared all browsing history and cleared data and it still pops up
#6 laurab1317, Nov 9, 2015
Did you install a new app just prior to the problem? Often it's something ridding piggy back with an installed app. It's removal should remove the problem. I hope this helps.
#7 olbriar, Nov 9, 2015
My Chrome kept opening this website too, findforfun.com in addition to other websites I was not entering. I was so tired of it so I googled it and came across this website. After reading all the above, I decided to install- Lookout, mobile security which ran a scan of my apps and one of them came back as adware (Whatever that is) and Lookout un-installed it and now my phone is back to normal. The app was, MP3 Music Downloader-- FYI! As much as I like my Samsung I do not like the possibility of getting virus', adware, malware etc... and I am highly thinking of switching to an iphone, something I never wanted to do. Android/Google- Please do something to fix this.
#8 MsJulie773, Nov 16, 2015 Last edited: Nov 16, 2015
Super good news! Adware isn't harmful for the most part.. just intrusive. Mostly redirects and popups that you don't care to see. Glad you found your culprit.
#9 olbriar, Nov 16, 2015

This was also one of my apps that was installed that stopbadapp found and removed. Problem seems to be gone. At least for now. I found this link to that app above ^^^ in the comments. Tyvm for posting this ms.julie773.

P.s I've really wanted songs using the MP3 Music Downloader app so I have installed it again,DL what I wanted and delete the app again after. Honestly it's only a few pushing of buttons and it's done. =) hope this helps
#10 Tz nutz, Dec 27, 2015