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Root Flash stock rom?

I wanna flash a stock Verizon (Droid x) rom through the Android System Recovery, but I don't know if I can? I know I can't use custom roms because they must be signed. I can't boot into CM recovery mode because after installing CM9 it's somehow gone and I have no rom installed. So, is it possible install stock rom through "update."


#1 devynstrickland, Jan 18, 2014
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I moved this thread to the sub-forum where root-related question about your phone are discussed. This it the best place to find other users who share your environment.

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#2 Thom, Jan 18, 2014

These threads are dead? Last post was in December! I'm not sure I'll get too much help here.
#3 devynstrickland, Jan 18, 2014
Welcome to the forums do u still have the recovery that u had when u rooted such as cwm or twrp. If so download a ROM from the computer or laptop to your SD card and open back up to the download and download the ROM to the device . make sure u do a full wipe data cache etc.
#4 BRAINZ2013, Jan 18, 2014

No.. There is no recovery mode aside from the default android system recovery utility. If I could boot into recovery mode I would just install a different rom. All I have is the option to "update from SD."
#5 devynstrickland, Jan 18, 2014
Do u know which stock firmware u had you need to download that exact firmware and flash if it
#6 BRAINZ2013, Jan 18, 2014

It was 2.1 I think. I know it was gingerbread. I updated it to 2.3 I believe before I flashed it with CM9. I'm trying to flash the sbf through bootloader right now.
#7 devynstrickland, Jan 18, 2014
I finally got it back working. I successfully flashed back to the stock rom using RSD lite. Here is the link I found that helped me. The first file is the one I used and worked(621).. If someone gets the "Error Downloading ram" just click start again on RSD lite and your phone will reboot and you're all set.. *WARNING* This is only for bootloader 30.04
[Guide] Flashing Droid X SBF - Droid X - RootzWiki
#8 devynstrickland, Jan 19, 2014