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Root Force Hands Free Activation/Refresh of phone...

Hey guys I got this info from Boost CSR when I talked to them earlier, I'm still on the phone with them trying to get the MSL code out of them, but here is what I got so far:

Force Hands Free Activation/Refresh of phone:

Bring up your phone dialer and type:


When it asks for lock code type:


Hope this helps in the fight of unleashing our Rush's lol! :p


#1 Slayer72, Jan 27, 2013
Ok, folks, relative noob here...well, I did graduate from Sun Microsystems advanced system administration school, er...twenty years ago.
Yet I find my Ubuntu Linux that I have had for about two years and especially this here Android seems mysterious to some extent...
I guess I'm asking if there is a glossary of terms and there connections and relevance to each other? Like, what's a MSL code and how does it help in "unleashing" our phones? These are not terms of which I am familiar and would know more so I can truly manipulate this great little device I have.
Maybe this is the wrong place for this but here I was with the question and obviously someone who could answer it...
Thanks, glyz
#2 glyznork, Feb 1, 2013
Not a problem guy, the term I used saying "unleashing" was basically just a term I used for revealing the hidden aspects of our phone, as far as the MSL and what it stands for is: MSL or Master Subsidy Lock is the code you need to get into the hidden DATA Programming Menu with the dialer, there isn't a working way to get it from our phone that I've seen yet but I called Boost Mobile and one of their Supervisors gave me my MSL Code, and basically it's a code that is specific to your phone alone, it cannot be used on any other phone but the one your using with the Serial # that it has...

Hope this clears things up for ya, if you need any more help or need to know something more, don't hesitate to ask... :)
#3 Slayer72, Feb 1, 2013
Slayer72 pm me ur email (Im with newkid313)
#4 rbheromax, Feb 1, 2013
I have the HTC desire 510 but for virgin mobile. I'm sure these dialer codes probably don't work for this carrier but if anyone has the codes that do work I would appreciate it if you quoted me or pm or if a moderator can move my comment to a thread I'm missing I would appreciate it greatly. :)
#5 nickyhickey, Dec 15, 2014
I'm dumb wrong thread lol sry
#6 nickyhickey, Dec 15, 2014