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Support Forgot my pattern, locked out of phone, need to bypass lock screen

Factory reset is not an option, unless you know for certain a method of recovering files from the phone immediately afterward.

I tried using android device manager and locked the phone with a backup password, but the prompt to enter it never showed up. Is it because I entered a password that was letters instead of numbers and longer than 4 characters? The site shouldn't have called it a backup *password* then, or accepted an invalid one. It won't let me set another one, of course.

I've exhausted all but one attempt at guessing my pattern. Wish I had known fingerprint was disabled immediately after restart.


#1 DoctorFraggington, Aug 11, 2017
I'm afraid unless you enter the correct pin your locked out
#2 Dannydet, Aug 12, 2017
Quite frankly I don't think there is any way of bypassing a lock screen. Because if there was, it would defeat the purpose of having a lock screen.
#3 mikedt, Aug 12, 2017
Try any of these hacks yet?
#4 david nist, Aug 12, 2017
Yes, the ones that apply. Some of them require prior setup which I don't have. I already mentioned that I used Android Device Manager/Find My Device and that it didn't send the back-up password to my phone, but I was able to send a lock message and ring the device, so I know ADM is working. My android version must be too recent to use the "forgot pattern" feature, which seems to me like an exceptionally useful feature, or to crash the lock UI screen.
#5 DoctorFraggington, Aug 13, 2017

Failing password recovery, anyone know how to retrieve data from a locked phone?
#6 DoctorFraggington, Sep 3, 2017
That's a horse of a different color.

Have you started down that path yet?

You ok with going off road a little, booting into safe and recovery?

Apologize I haven't had time yet to read through the whole thread this go-round.

Can you give me a quick rundown of what you've tried?

I've got a couple free hours left tonight, and most of tomorrow evening after 6pm EST.

#7 david nist, Sep 3, 2017
Ask the FBI about retrieving data from a locked iPhone. And locked Androids can be just as secure, if not more.
#8 mikedt, Sep 4, 2017
You can recover your files by plugging your phone into the PC and copying the data inside it's worked on many of my embarrassing moments of forgetfulness I hope this still works.
#9 Jacob Hoppe, Sep 4, 2017
There's a huge difference between a screen locked phone, and an encrypted phone.

A common right of passage for a noob script-kitty is to demonstrate the ability to bypass a screen lock on any phone handed to them.

If memory serves, pattern lock doesn't meet encryption minimum standard requirements, halting any attempt to encrypt until you select a safer screen lock type.

#10 david nist, Sep 4, 2017
Don't give it all away just yet Jacob. Lol

The thread needs to bake just a little longer before taking it out of the oven to cool.

(we're missing two pieces of information)

But great answer!
#11 david nist, Sep 4, 2017
That's the rub Danny. Seeker states it's pattern locked, not pinned.

You still thinking it's not doable?
#12 david nist, Sep 4, 2017

Nothing comes up when I plug my phone into my computer. I looked into Dr. Phone, but that currently only supports iPhone long as we're not talking about deleting any pictures.

From the site you linked:

1. Use Android Device Manager
I successfully used the "Lock" function on that site with a password, but the prompt for the password I entered never came up on the phone. The password was 11 alphabetic characters. The site does not offer a chance to make another such temporary password.

2. Use Samsung's 'Find My Mobile' Service
Not possible, I didn't set it up prior.

3. Use the 'Forgot Pattern' feature
My phone hasn't given me the option, not even with one attempt remaining. My android version isn't old enough, right? Hey, let's remove a type of password recovery, nobody needs that. Not even Paypal members.

4. Perform a factory reset
Unless I can be certain that I can recover my photos immediately afterward, this is not an option

5. Enable USB Debugging
This one I haven't tried, but I don't know if I have usb debugging enabled.

6. Boot into Safe mode to bypass third-party lock screen
Haven't tried this because don't believe I'm using a third-party lock screen.

7. Crash the lock screen.
Tried this, can't copy and paste.
#13 DoctorFraggington, Sep 4, 2017
Sorry all
Picking up a new dev contract this week, time will be limited so I gotta fast-track.

I'm confident the answer to the pattern lock hack will be found here:

If none of the recommendations works during 'first stab' at it, start again at the top of the list and go through it a second time just to make sure you didn't miss a step anywhere.

You'd be surprised how easy it is to hit reboot' when you're thinking 'power down.'

For future's benefit, please post the method that worked for you and any challenges involved.

And if the unit still misbehaves after the second run through, feel free to email me.

Maybe we can setup a Skype call.

#14 david nist, Sep 4, 2017


Grateful for the detailed reply. This helps a lot.

It's no wonder you're frustrated.

First up is an easy one:

Before you go through that last link I sent, we probably need to address what you found at the very start:

To quote you:
Nothing comes up when I plug my phone into my computer. I looked into Dr. Phone, but that currently only supports iPhone

We need to fix you here first. The laptop or computer must first be able to communicate with the S7.

Have you checked for proper USB drivers for the S7? - I can send them to you if not.

What version of Windows are you running?

updates applied?

Does the computer recognize the phone thru USB, but sometime in the past you set it to ignore it when you plugged in?

Be glad to help in any way I can.

I know how frustrating this be.

#15 david nist, Sep 4, 2017