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[Free Game] Cuboad - Free Run

It's Free-Run Cubic game. Generally it's focused on hard but fun levels and infinite game modes. Game is totally Ad-Free. If you have any thoughts about the game please let me know :)

-Fun and Challenging Gameplay
-3 Different Modes
-12 Awesome Levels and more coming soon...
-Simple UI and easy controls
-Add-Free Gameplay


[​IMG] [​IMG]


#1 MrNtlu, Aug 11, 2017
Hope you'll like it. If you don't please let me know what did i do wrong so i can try to make it better :)
#2 MrNtlu, Aug 11, 2017
I will try this game..thanks for sharing the post....
#3 wenso martin, Aug 11, 2017
Waiting for feedback thanks a lot :)
#4 MrNtlu, Aug 11, 2017
Sure, I will try to play this game in my phone. and get back with my review.
#5 Rachael Alice, Aug 12, 2017
New game mode is active now, i'm waiting for feedback :)
#6 MrNtlu, Aug 19, 2017