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[FREE][GAME] Solitaire Collection

Hello, my name Alexey and I'm glad to introduce my game Solitaire Collection.
This is a big pack with the best solitaires

★ More than 80 solitaires
. 3-4 new patiences are adding every 3 weeks
★ Nice and simple interface
★ Absolutely free
. All content in the game are ready to use and free
★ Portrait and landscape orientation. Some games are more convenient to play in the portrait orientation, the others - in the lanscape. Try it!
★ Full history of moves. All your moves are saving. You can continue the solitaire later after restart.
★ Unlimited undos. You can undo moves as many times as you like. Also you can retry the patience with the old deck
★ Cards' placement for left or right hand. Tune it in the settings!
★ Detailed rules. Each solitaire has clear and brief rules
★ Statistics. After the game you will get the detailed statistics: the number of wins/the number of all games, the number of moves, seconds, hints and undos. Improve your results, the last records are showing too!
★ Autocomplete games. If there is no ambiguity in the end of the game, it will finish to save your time
★ Search. Find games by the names
★ Quick hint. Just swipe left to get quick hint
★ Quick undo. Just swipe right to do quick undo

Requires Android 2.3+

It's available on Google Play:

[​IMG] [​IMG]

This is the current list of games:
  • Spider (one, two and four suits)
  • Klondike (draw by one and by three cards)
  • Russian solitaire (easy and hard versions)
  • Australian solitaire
  • Napoleon's square
  • Canfield
  • Pyramid (open and close)
  • Desire
  • Forty Robbers
  • Tripeaks (open and close)
  • Striping
  • Apollo
  • Carpet (two versions)
  • Crossroad
  • Scorpion
  • Patriarch
  • Collect the deck (3 versions)
  • Backbone
  • Fierce
  • Vertical
  • Aunt Mary
  • Golf
  • Paganini
  • Herringbones (one, two and three herringbones)
  • Monte Carlo
  • Black Hole
  • Yukon
  • Somerset
  • Kerchief
  • Blondes
  • Parade
  • Mat (simple and hard)
  • Algerian solitaire
  • Well
  • Hunt
  • Niverne
  • Free Cell
  • Alaska
  • Fifteen
  • Brigade
  • Pair Queens
  • Spider-Klondike (one, two and four suits)
  • Sultan
  • Miss Milligan
  • Aces Up
  • Garden
  • East Harbour
  • Flea
  • Eight Sages
  • Penguin
  • Bristole
  • Towers
  • Square of Aces
  • Sheaf
  • Simon
  • King Albert
  • Ksantia
  • Mirror
  • Up and down
  • Accordion
  • Kings
  • Little Spider
  • Diamond
  • Web
  • Memory
  • Sir Tommi
  • Warehouse
  • Giant
  • Diagonal
  • Chameleon
  • Natalie
  • Saint Helena

Thanks! I hope you will enjoy it, I'll be happy to get your feedback!


#1 BirukovAlex, Oct 23, 2016 Last edited: Sep 12, 2017
I have uploaded a new version of Solitaire Collection today. It contains several new solitaires:

- Napoleon's Square
- Three Peaks,
- Three Peaks (close),
- Patriarch
- Towers
- Carpet (hard)

Best regards!
#2 BirukovAlex, Oct 29, 2016
Three new solitaire was added in new version:
- Alaska
- Eight Sages
- Flea

Also there is a filter field now. It will help to find solitaire by name
#3 BirukovAlex, Nov 16, 2016
The new version is now available in Google Play - 1.3.48.
The portrait orientation of screen is now supported!
Also, these new games was added:
  • Bristole
  • Diamond
  • Brigade
  • Herringbone
#4 BirukovAlex, Nov 28, 2016
The new version (2.3.05) was uploaded in Google Ply.
New games:
  • Solitaire Herringbone (2 decks, 2 herringbones)
  • Solitaire Herringbone (2 decks, 3 herringbones)
  • Solitaire Square of Aces
  • Solitaire Backbone
#5 BirukovAlex, Dec 11, 2016
The new version is ready. It contains new games:
  • Spider (Klondike), 1 suit
  • Spider (Klondike), 2 suits
  • Simon
#6 BirukovAlex, Dec 26, 2016
I'm glad to introduce a new version - 2.4.12. It's available in the Google Play.
New games were added:
  • Russian solitaire
  • Algerian solitaire
  • Solitaire Ksantia
#7 BirukovAlex, Jan 24, 2017
New version 2.4.15 is available in Google Play now!
New games:
  • Collect the deck
  • Up and down
  • Crossroad
#8 BirukovAlex, Feb 13, 2017
The version 2.4.19 is now available. New games were added:
- Spider (Klondike) - 4 suits
- Striping
- Sheaf

Also, free space between cards were reduced, and card's size was increased
#9 BirukovAlex, Mar 15, 2017
I'm glad to introduce a new version: 2.5.21
It contains new games: Niverne, Mirror , Somerset
Also a history of the game is saved now and you can finish old started games after exit
#10 BirukovAlex, Apr 12, 2017
A new version 2.5.23 is available in the Google Play.
New games: Mat, Pair Queens, Blondes and Brunettes.
New metric was added: Rate. This is a total metric, which can be from 0 to 10000. The less moves, time, hints, returns you use, the more value it has
#11 BirukovAlex, May 4, 2017
I'm glad to introduce a new version - 2.6.01
New games: Golf, Black Hole, Mat (hard)
The screen with settings was added. You can enable or disable autocomplete and hints. Also you can change the placement for cards: for the right hand or for the left hand.
#12 BirukovAlex, May 19, 2017
There is a new version in the Google Play: 2.7
It contains new games Memory, Memory (Pairs), Double Klondike, Web.
New features:
- The offer to continue last game was added on startup
- An opportunity to replay games with old deck was added
#13 BirukovAlex, Jun 12, 2017
All are very good to play
#14 Rogen6, Jun 24, 2017
A new version 2.8 is available in the Google Play.
New games: Giant, Sir Tommi, Diagonal, Warehouse
#15 BirukovAlex, Jul 4, 2017
I'm glad to introduce the new version of Solitaire Collection: 2.9
It is available in the Google Play
New games were added: Chameleon, Natalie, Saint Helena
#16 BirukovAlex, Jul 24, 2017
The new version 2.10 is available in the Google Play!
It contains new games: Dozen Bakers, Alina, West Fall
An error was fixed while loading a patience from the history also.
#17 BirukovAlex, Aug 15, 2017
I'm glad to introduce a new version: 2.11 It is available in the Google Play
There are new games in it: Fifteen puzzles, Black widow and Strategy.
The interface was improved also. It is more convenient to play on the different screens now. The fonts, buttons, labels were modified.
#18 BirukovAlex, Sep 12, 2017