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Is anyone containing any information of any method to achieve a more amount of data for any metro PCs phonr


#1 Anthonycgc, Feb 9, 2017
I'm currently on metro 60 dollar plan. Unlimited data for any phone. If you tether other devices they limit you the amount of data that can be used by other devices. You can still buy data for that
#2 Mega Optimus, Feb 9, 2017
Thanks but do you know other method when we only have a limited plan
#3 Anthonycgc, Feb 9, 2017
I've never thought of that. other than hacking metro pcs I would say no. I'm very interested in what others have to say though. I remember before 4g came we used to hack the band's to get high speed data when it wasn't allowed unless you had the higher end phones. All that ended when they switched to sim cards though.
#4 Mega Optimus, Feb 9, 2017
They know do deep packet inspection. Perhaps connect to a real (not web/opera) VPN ?
#5 Nintendo1889, Feb 12, 2017
How can I try it
#6 Anthonycgc, Feb 12, 2017
#7 Jo Ann Lyon, Apr 4, 2017
Back then the only way was using a different apn which i think was something voicestream, but t-mobile put a stop to that by identifying apn usage on the towers.

Being metro is also t-mobile it uses the same towers.
#8 loonycgb2, Apr 4, 2017
I do and it actually works. Been doing it for the last 3 mos. You will need to either buy a 1 GB top up data each pay cycle or have customer support give you one free each pay cycle. Once you get that you can keep resetting the top up data over and over again until the next billing date. Don't need to change anything in settings either. Its a glitch in the MetroPcs system that they won't be able to ever fix. Send me a message and ill walk you through it
#9 Bernice Jenkins, Apr 14, 2017
        Hi I'm j.miller pls help me to get the unlimited 4g data and thanks
#10 JMillerThunder84, May 11, 2017
. How can I message you
#11 Anthonycgc, Jun 7, 2017
Show how please!
#12 otshort, Aug 12, 2017
#13 motogscooter, Aug 13, 2017
Show me pls
#14 deleoncd4, Aug 17, 2017