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General Galaxy Note 8 drop tests

Didn't believe it when I saw my screen. Fell from my shoulder after a call and landed on the wood floor in my horse. The zagg protector flew off and was about a foot from my phone. It was cracked all over originating in the corner and middle. My actual screen had a crack curving from the left top corner from edge to edge. Well anyone that has these watch out how you drop them. The screen protector won't stay on very well with the edge adhesive protector. Never buying them again. Apparently the defender fails at defending. Had otterbox for many years without any incident. Watch out people.


#1 painball64, Oct 12, 2017
Thank you for heads up
#2 buck9262, Oct 12, 2017
Ouch! But doesn't the Otterbox offer a guarantee? I thought that was one of the reasons they were so popular. Because they truly are ugly to me and I've never had one so I don't know.
#3 kokiangel, Oct 12, 2017
Carpet in the horse would help.
#4 today, Oct 12, 2017
Lol ya saw that after posting

Nope just a warranty on the case. I think that they did the phone replacement when they started up as a incentive on how good the cases are. I think the main problem with this specific case is the shell is hard plastic around the phone and then the rubber on outer shell. It cracked my screen underneath the case on the very corner of the screen. So instead of impact on rubber it's hard plastic then rubber. Very stupid design should be the other way around.
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The Galaxy Note 8 features a metal frame sandwiched in between two slabs of glass. The all-glass back and display make the phone especially susceptible to drops, where even the slightest drop could easily crack the glass.

If you were curious to see how fragile the phone is, here are a few YouTube videos performing various drop tests on the Galaxy Note 8. See how well it fares by watching down below.

#6 GamerCore, Oct 12, 2017
Very informative Chris. I guess I'll have to stop using "All that glass is an accident waiting to happen" when talking about Samsungs infinity display.. I wonder if they'll keep whatever changes they made in the Note 8 Gorilla Glass for the S9 then make something even better for the Note 9?

I especially enjoyed the very first video. Dude went all our "mad scientist" with his drop rig. :cool:
#7 dontpanicbobby, Oct 13, 2017