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The Galaxy Note 8 comes out of the box running Android 7.1.1 (Samsung experience version 8.5). This, of course, will change over time as new versions of Android are released and Samsung updates the device accordingly via OTA (over-the-air) software updates.

At the time of writing, Samsung there's no official release date on Android 8.0 Oreo for the Galaxy Note 8 but we do know that it will receive the update eventually, as Samsung flagships typically receive at least 2 years of support for major Android releases.


#1 GamerCore, Oct 11, 2017
The Galaxy Note 8 has been out for a little over a month, and there have already been a few updates released for the device. The first update to the device included some minor improvements to the camera, while also including the August security patch.

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The next update came for just T-Mobile variants of the Galaxy Note 8, and included stability improvements for the Navigation app, Google Maps, and the weather widget.

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#2 admyrick, Oct 12, 2017
When was last and when wlll be next Verizon update, and what was it and will be...on the Note 8?
#3 Leob, Nov 2, 2017
Why don't you contact their support channel directly and ask them?

#4 marctronixx, Nov 3, 2017
^ this is an androidforum for the n8 inclusive of verizon subscribers with practical experiences
#5 Leob, Nov 3, 2017
This forum is not an official verizon forum.

The source will be verizon on this, not this site. This is an enthusiast site dedicated to discussion and help of devices from the general public. Verizon do not alert us to their update schedule nor do they tell us when they will push out updates.
#6 marctronixx, Nov 3, 2017
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 didn't ship with OREO? WTF!
#7 dontpanicbobby, Nov 3, 2017
I wouldn't expect a brand new phone to ship with a brand new operating system. The disadvantage would be that if there's a catastrophic failure, which is the cause... the hardware or the software? Trying to figure out which, while potentially millions of devices are crashing, is time-consuming and really bad for business.

It makes more sense to release a new device with a proven operating system, make sure it works in the real world, and then soak test a new OS before a full deployment.
#8 The_Chief, Nov 3, 2017
If one is preferential to using internet search engines and such, one will find hundreds and hundreds of postings on related to verizon-specific issues specific for the given android device. Generous, non-over-policing android enthusiasts are an excellent valued and friendly and appreciated source to tap into their specific experiences via this forum.
#9 Leob, Nov 3, 2017
They should send more beta test for new software. And just send it out randomly. Or maybe people with developer options turned on. Or people who utilize their Phones to a certain degree. That's the one and only thing I don't have a comeback for. It takes Samsung forever to drop updates. And yeah you could say well our phones come with the best software already so we dont need an update. But we no that's not fully true when the nexus and pixel both have newest software
#10 kennethalee88, Nov 11, 2017
Careful updating Note 8 and gear s3. I updated both in the pat two days and my note has been factory reset twice due to "System UI Has Stopped" and now my gear s3 keyboard is missing. Playstore "google app" was the cause of my issue, uninstall the "google app" and should work after.
#11 starking21, Nov 20, 2017
Helpful if you post :

Your carrier
Do you have the locked or unlocked version?
Dual sim?
Rooted or no?

I’m on tmobile and have a T-Mobile variant. Received an update a few days ago. No issues.
#12 marctronixx, Nov 20, 2017
When you buy a TV, toaster, maybe even a car, how many if you are chomping at the bit for the latest software upgrade?

Samsung are a company that do not lie to its customers about a phones capabilities, do not overhype their products, and pay their due taxes in foreign countries. The Note 8 is already the best phone on the market. Now, today.
#13 InfernalByte, Nov 20, 2017
I went to a restaurant today and swiped the terminal with my Note 8. The cashier was like, "Wow, that's an awesome phone! Is that the new Galaxy?" I said yes, the Note 8 and it does everything! I think there's a new convert out there, headed to the store

#14 The_Chief, Nov 20, 2017
ATT carrier locked note 8 and I am not rooted. Gear S3 is the Bluetooth only model.
#15 starking21, Nov 20, 2017
I've been hooked on the Note series since the Note 3. Never buy another device except the Note. :cool:
#16 rnlcomp, Nov 20, 2017
Agreed. I love when I pull out my phone to pay and am told they don't accept mobile payment. I swipe with Sampay anyway and it goes through. They just sputter and are so amazed and turn around looking for someone to tell that it really works! Then want to know why they can't do that with their iphone. Duh, because it's not a Samsung? Plus I just spent a bunch of my reward points on free gift cards in Samsung Pay. Now I get free shopping for Black Friday. A LOT of it!

Sorry. That was totally off topic.
#17 kokiangel, Nov 20, 2017
Talking about the Note 8 is never off-topic! I went to Waffle House and told the cashier to set up the register for credit card. I started to put my phone to the terminal and she said, "oh that won't work - we're not set up for mobile payments." I held the Note 8 over the magnetic strip reader and DING! Out spits the receipt. She was dumbstruck! I have people all the time watch me do that and they're like, "what phone is THAT? My iPhone can't do that!" I'm like, guess what? It charges wirelessly, too

#18 The_Chief, Nov 20, 2017
Good story.
#19 Simon_Gardner, Nov 21, 2017
Nicely said. I take back my post about wanting yo constantly update
#20 kennethalee88, Nov 21, 2017
A toaster isn't its software. A computer is its software. The rest is a fancy box.

Who wants yesterday's papers? Who wants yesterday's news.

Inspired, I just installed Samsung pay.

It turns out neither of my credit cards support Samsung pay. :(
#21 Simon_Gardner, Nov 22, 2017
We've been strictly chip and pin in the UK since forever and that swipe thing you Americans can do with your Note 8's won't work across the pond. 😯
#22 InfernalByte, Nov 24, 2017
Android updates really SCARE me. I noticed every time I do one, it slowly kills my phone. I'll be texting and it will take 4 ever for a letter to pop up after hitting it on the keyboard. Plus, the LAG that pops up after a big OS update is beyond painful. Android is truly notorious for having the worst updates ever.

The latest update from T-Mobile is: N950USQU2BQJA (383.00 MB) and allegedly includes:
1. Device stability improvements, bug fixes
2. new and or enhanced features
3. Further improvements to performance

That is what all Samsung Android updates say before your phone becomes a brick is rendered useless. Can someone clarify if these big updates are software patches and how I can tell the difference? Are software patches monthly? I am so tired of these updates and my phone dying before it even reaches 2 years. Please help and be as clear and detailed as possible. I'd rather do software patches then big OS updates.
#23 AndroidHumanoid, Nov 26, 2017
The newest one my sprint note 8 got was the ability to talk on LTE and be on the web at the same time. You don't need Wi-Fi

And clearing your phone's cache after and update helps that problem
#24 kennethalee88, Nov 26, 2017
I've had Android phones for quite a while now and you are correct updates can cause issues. I have found though that a factory reset (I know, I hate them too) after an update usually takes care of all of those issues.

#25 BigRedGonzo, Nov 27, 2017