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Support Galaxy s5 charger noob question

Hello all,

I have purchased a new galaxy s5. Is the power adapter for it the usb micro type C?

Are old Samsung adapters ok to still use on it? (I've got one that is 5v 1.0 amp) .

I notice the old micro usb connects still fit in it as well. What do i need to definitely NOT use to charge my new phone?

Thanks for your help !


#1 mattme34, Apr 24, 2014
I use my S4 charger it just doesn't charge as fast as the new one.
#2 josborne6, Apr 24, 2014
The cable it comes with is a USB 3.0 data cable. You can still use a standard micro USB (2.0) cable to charge your phone if that's what you're asking. You can use it to transfer data too, but it won't be as fast as the USB 3.0 cable (assuming you have USB 3.0 on your computer).
#3 axel_2078, Apr 24, 2014
I've been able to find car and wall chargers that provide fast charging, with either a standard microUSB or a microUSB 3.0 cable.

When looking for a charger - you need to look at the output specification for the charger. Some will say they are a "fast charger" - what you're looking for is the current output - which would likely be 2.1A (2100mA).

I've found a few of these fast chargers that also have two ports - some will support 2.1A on both ports and some will support 2.1A on one port and 1A on the 2nd port.

On standard USB chargers, the S5 will typically charge at 450mA or 500mA. With 2.1A chargers, the S5 appears to want to charge at 1200mA - which is lower than the rated output of the charger. This is the same rate that the S5 charges with the included Samsung S5 charger with the microUSB 3.0 cable.

Laptops with standard USB ports or other devices or chargers will typically give 450mA. If you have a laptop with a Powershare port (my laptop has one of those) it may support faster charging (mine will provide 1200mA, but only when the laptop is in sleep mode or off - when the laptop is running it only provides 450mA).

As for cables - you can get the 1200mA charging rate from the S3/S4 compatible microUSB cables OR microUSB 3.0 cables. All microUSB 3.0 cables should support the faster charging (if connected to a fast charging port).

HOWEVER, not all microUSB cables will support the higher charging rates. I went through my collection of microUSB cables - and found that some worked at 1200mA and others would only support charging at 450mA to 800mA - and there doesn't appear to be any marking on those cables to which are capable of supporting fast charging - so I ended up throwing those away (so I don't unintentionally use them).

I downloaded an app (Galaxy Charging) that shows the current level for the USB connection. That app has been very useful to find the combination of cables and chargers that provide the faster charging rate.
#4 wdge, Apr 25, 2014
I see this is an old thread but wanted to add a bit of info for others who might land here from a Google search- First off thanks guys for posting what you have, it's very informative. I believe that the s5 might also charge at 1800 mA with the OEM charger or other 2.1 mA chargers via micro USB or USB 3.0 (doesn't seem to matter) WHEN the screen is off. I noticed that when I run the meter app, it reads 1800 mA when I first turn the screen on a check, then it refreshes to 1200 mA. Does anyone know if this is true? I also agree with wdge that my older USB AC adapters with lower outputs do limit the charging current- I've seen 750 mA and 1000 mA from some of my old chargers. I haven't gone through my stack of old micro USB cables to see which ones don't provide full charge.
#5 Keith Lebel, Feb 1, 2015 Last edited: Feb 1, 2015
Yes, it's the same for me. 1200 mA, when the screen is on and 1800 mA, when is off, even though the charger is 2.1 A. I tried different cables and that was the maximum, although the original S5 cable's power seemed to drop recently to about 500 mA. I guess it became faulty after several years. I am gonna buy some new adapters and try it over usb 3.0 to see the difference. Is 1800 mA supposed to be the maximum S5 power input? Cannot find info on that anywhere...
#6 preparat, Apr 16, 2017
USB 3.0 doesn't make any difference for charging.
The rating on the charger is the maximum output current it can provide, that doesn't necessarily mean it will charge the phone with that current. As long as you use a charger that meets or exceeds the manufacturer's rating along with a proper cable, the phone will charge at the proper current. Plug in a tablet charger rated for 4A and the phone will still charge at 1800/1200 ma (which by the way is correct for the S5, mine charges at that rate as well). I don't believe the S5 is capable of charging any faster than that.
#7 Fox Mulder, Apr 16, 2017
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