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Galaxy S7 wont connect to network and has poor mobile connection

First off, the phone I have was bought on Ebay as an unlocked factory galaxy (G930U). It was supposed to be an"overstock" but it looked flawless and seemed to wrok great, until...

I noticed that in some areas, like a hospital where there is wifi, that I could connect, but I could not do anything (no internet or email). I even had some issues with cojnnecting to wifi in my own home. And my kids s7 would have 3-4 bars but I would only have 1 even though we have the same phone and same carrier. I called cricket and they couldn't help. I called Samsung and they said the phone is actually a refurbished t-mobile (G930T) phone and not a factory unlocked phone. This was confirmed by the small writing on the back of the phone, in contrast to the sticker on the box and the info in "about phone" under settings that both say it's a g930U.

So the vender has agreed to take the phone back, but I HATE dealing with new phones and I can't do without a phone while the refund goes through. The phone works great other than the netowrk issues (which are MAJOR of course) so if there is a fix, I'd rather do that.

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to why my phone wont work properly with networks and/or if there is anything I can do about it in place of sending the phone back to the vender.

I hope that's enough info. Thank you.


#1 RICOBICO, Jun 12, 2018
Break into small pieces, take it back to the vendor whom you purchased it and throw it on the floor and yell really loud...peice of shit!!! that should fix the connection issues.
#2 phillipcamp2575, Jun 12, 2018

believe me, that crossed my mind.
#3 RICOBICO, Jun 12, 2018
When it involves a refurbished phone, unless you actually know the previous owner(s) there's no way to determine just how the previous owner used that phone, or what they might have done to it. Also, it doesn't appear that the documentation you received with that phone is valid so you don't know what steps where taken to actually 'refurbish' it.
Did you do a Factory Reset when you first got it? The first time you started it up, do you recall having to go through any kind of set up process?
Which version of Android is it running?
#4 svim, Jun 12, 2018
Tanks for the reply, SVIM.

I did not do a factory reset and I don't remember what the startup was, but it seemed in keeping with the other "real" new phones I have gotten, eg setting time, entering email and the like.

Samsung recommended doing the "reset network settings" which seemed to do nothing. he said if that didn;t work to try factory data reset, but I have to back everything up first and I ahven't had a chance.

It is running android version 7.0
#5 RICOBICO, Jun 12, 2018
Regarding the initial set up, I should have been more clear about that. Did you need to authenticate that phone with your Google account?

The Reset Network option should have helped as that clears everything network related. Since this is a pre-owned phone and it's still to be determined if it was fully wiped and prepared for a new owner. Before doing a Factory Reset, try starting your S7 into its Safe Mode and see if that makes any difference with your connectivity issues:
While running in Safe Mode, your phone is running just the Android OS, third-party apps and services don't get pre-loaded during startup. In the even that some installed app or process is messing things up, if things are working OK while in Safe Mode at least you know there's some app involved. Determining which one is the next step but it's not as drastic as a Factory Reset.
But if you do want to do a Factory Reset, use Samsung's 'Smart Switch' to back up all your data first:
Then do the Reset, check your phone out thoroughly, and then restore your data.

You did mention you would really prefer not having to switch to a different phone but there are lot of questionable issues with this particular S7. I almost want to suggest you should just return this phone and buy something that is actually valid as this is a pre-owned phone that doesn't appear to have a definable history. As long as you own it, since it may or may not be properly refurbished, any time you run into a problem or some odd situation occurs, there's always going to be a clouded solution involved. The fact that Samsung lists it as a different model than the stated model I.D. in the phone's OS itself is a mystery. It's hard to even recommend re-flashing the ROM since the model I.D. is to be determined.
#6 svim, Jun 12, 2018
thanks again SVIM, very succinct and helpful post.

I tried network restore. nada

I tried safemode, same network issues, or at least I had fewer bars than my wfie and daughter (s7 and s5)

Just backed up my data and am going to perform a factory reset to see if that works. I'll post back results.

and yes, common sense and my gut and my brain are all telling me to send this phone back, and if I had more time I would. But I may have to...
#7 RICOBICO, Jun 13, 2018 at 12:44 PM