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Gallery & Camera App & backup to Dropbox

Hi everyone,

I am using galaxy note 5. I am looking to some basic understanding of how Gallery app & Camera app works. Additionally, I backup my pictures to Dropbox. This all is creating duplicate pictures and it is driving me crazy.

  • Camera app: is showing not just the pictures I take with my phone but WhatsApp pictures and videos.
    • Why this happens and how can I set it up to see only the pictures I take and not the WhatsApp pictures and videos.
  • Gallery app: Now I know little better than by using this app you can see things in different folders such as Camera.
    • Also what I have noticed is that not all WhatsApp pictures and video shows up in pictures under gallery.
  • Dropbox backup: why the backup doesn’t synchronize when I delete the pictures and video from Dropbox back the phone and vice versa.
Thanks for your help as I am tired of clean up my pictures and video on my phone and Dropbox.


#1 Maz Hakimi, Apr 15, 2018 at 8:48 PM
There's a folder on your phone named, 'DCIM' (Digital Camera IMages) that's become an industry standard. That's the common default storage folder intended to be used to save photos into by your Camera app, your texting app, etc. (Browsers unfortunately do not, usually defaulting to a common 'Downloads' folder). If you can, double-check your apps to use that DCIM folder as a default if you've changed any of them previously. It's a lot easier for any photo manager app (in your instance, the Gallery app), and yourself, to keep the number of photo storage folders down to a minimum. The more places you have photos getting dumped into, the harder it is to manage them, ideally you want to centralize your photo library as much as allowable. Until you get that straightened out, having an online backup & syncing service set up is just adding to the mix.
Regarding Dropbox, a couple of years ago it enacted a change regarding photo uploads for its app in a move to force users to opt for the pay-for version. (If you already had an account back then you should have received an email about it and there was a pop blurb when you'd log into your account via the webmail interface.)
This might be a possible reason why you're phone isn't syncing with your Dropbox account.
#2 svim, Apr 15, 2018 at 10:17 PM
Forgot to add, Samsung includes a basic file manager app that you should useful in cleaning up your photos. Look in your apps menu for the 'My Files' app.
Also, do you have your Camera app set to save to your phone's internal storage or to a microSD card?
#3 svim, Apr 15, 2018 at 10:21 PM