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Another year, another Android device, same problem. Just returned from a trip abroad with scores of new pictures. Not to mention the album and book covers, and the potential-avatar photos that were transferred to my Galaxy S5. These are gunking up my device, and keeping me from updating or installing apps. Google Photos is no help and the online advice I've found is useless, probably obsolete. I want to get these photos off my phone while keeping them on Photos (or Drive or Dropbox).

I still have no PC of my own, though I do have a new tablet.

The situation is the same as when my phone was an S4; see here:

Please help.


#1 simpler, May 29, 2018
Reading through your previous posting and this one, a question comes to mind in that how are you determining that your (relatively modest) photo library is taking up so much storage space? This sounds more and more like there's something else besides your photos that you should be focusing on.
#2 svim, May 29, 2018
Move your photos to a MSD card and then set your camera app to save to the memory card. IMG_20180529_184405.jpg
#3 PitCarver, May 29, 2018
Please go to settings>storage>internal and take a screenshot or let us know what it say. I find it hard to believe that a few hundred images was filling that much space, unless you have some epic videos.
#4 lunatic59, May 29, 2018
svim, PitCarver, lunatic, I think I may have something to go on. If I'm still confused I may end up taking my phone to a certain T-Mobile store (one in a hundred) or some other well-attested repair shop in my city.

Or even getting a new up-to-date phone.

ETA: That page doesn't seem to tell much. I'll post whatever I can.
#5 simpler, Jun 8, 2018 Last edited: Jun 8, 2018