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Girl eaten by a bear, while she talks to her mom on the phone.

A teenager has died after she and her father were attacked by a bear while on a camping trip. And Olga Moskalyova, 19, phoned her mother and spent almost an hour talking to her while the bear toyed with her and ate her slowly.
It’s believed that Olga Moskalyova first saw the bear attack and kill her stepfather, Igor Tsyganenkov. The girl then ran away, but the bear chased after her and pulled her down. Olga phoned her mother, but the bear left after mauling her. However, Olga phoned her mother again a little later, saying that the bear had returned with her cubs and they were now starting to eat her.
Olga’s mother listened as her daughter screamed for help. Finally, Olga told her mother that although the bears were still eating her, it didn’t hurt any more. Eventually the phone went dead.
When rescuers arrived, they found the bears still eating Olga, and the body of her stepfather was nearby. There have been a number of bear attacks across Russia this year, most likely as a result of changes to the climate that make the bears hungry and desperate, and force them to explore new parts of the country.




#1 quest7, Aug 17, 2011
News link or it didn't happen. Too lazy to Google it :D
#2 starxpilot, Aug 17, 2011
'Mum, the bear is eating me!': Final phone calls of woman, 19, who was eaten alive by brown bear and its three cubs | Mail Online Here you go...
Feel REALLY sorry for the mother, I cant even imagine the pain...
#3 Abdur, Aug 18, 2011
You see a bear attacking your dad. First instinct is to call your mom....not running for your car/climbing a tree? @_@
#4 chanchan05, Aug 18, 2011
Her actions do seem strange. The phone would have been the last thing on my mind. When that bear did catch me, she may not have wanted to eat me. I would imagine I would be smelling pretty bad, by then. :eek:
#5 quest7, Aug 18, 2011
Whether I believe it or not, you can never say what you would do in these situations of duress unless you're actually in them. We all know how we hope we would act but I bet for the most of us we would not.
#6 SUroot, Aug 18, 2011
The story says she ran for 70 yards before the bear grabbed her by the leg. She called her mother after she was down and knew she had no chance to escape.
#7 Gmash, Aug 18, 2011
My instinct there would still not be to call my mom. Call 911 maybe. Try to fight the bears off even though they're way bigger and stronger than me maybe. Call mom would be the absolute last thing on my to do list. If the bear mauled me and then left, I would do my best to call 911 and get the hell out of dodge before it returned.
#8 A.Nonymous, Aug 18, 2011
Thats how you hope you would think and act. In reality you just dont know how your mind and body will act in such a situation
#9 SUroot, Aug 18, 2011
But call mom? I'd call Park Ranger (or whatever their equivalent over there) or their equivalent of 911 or something, not mom. Maybe also try to climb a tree, its a brown bear, its not a good climber (north american black bears are climbers though). If you can go up about more than 10m, you'd be pretty safe. Branches higher up are smaller and cant support the bears. Or anything but call mom. Doesnt matter what I'd do, maybe I'd run and still die too (you cant outrun bears) but I'd think my cellphone would be the farthest thing from my mind.
#10 chanchan05, Aug 18, 2011
Teenagers and their phones..... hump.

"omg mom, i'm so being eaten by a bear right now...shut up i'm forrealz"

But i agree with post above, phoning mom would have been the last thing i would have done. Maybe i can't say what i would have done in that situation but i can say it wouldn't be that.
#11 Knewz, Aug 18, 2011
I spent 6 years working in high pressure life and death situations. I know how my body/mind will react. My emotions shut down completely and I become completely rational to a fault.
#12 A.Nonymous, Aug 18, 2011
... and she didn't even take a pic and facebook it ...
#13 XplosiV, Aug 18, 2011
after seeing her father being killed she mite have been shouting out loud .. calling for help.. she mite have tried to scare away the beast.. in the process, she only managed to get the attention of the beast towards her...
and may be she did call 911 without receiving any proper response.. may be the bear is not a good climber, but if u r not either, then obviously it is better to run rather than have the bear catch u while u r still trying to climb..esp. when the bear is just a few feets behind u.. when u know u r going to die, u wuld definitely want to talk to ur dearest one and share a few words with them.. u wuld find it more comforting.. more over someone not in the situation would be in a better position to call for help, while the girl herself tries to find a way to escape from where the bear had left her.. after seeing how people in such forums have been making fun of the situation, i think, she did the rite thing calling her mother - who can understand her feeling much better..

on a diff note, i dint find it cruel after i, recently, found a video on how chickens are treated in KFC farm... ofcourse the only difference being: the chickens in the farm dont have the same kind of attachment with its kids as much as human beings have.. so the pain is more for the girls mother.. she knew her kid was going to die and she culdnt do anything abt it.. shes going to live the rest of her life with this feeling
#14 vincebugsy, Aug 18, 2011

So when you (like this girl) had resolved that you were going to die after being savaged by a bear, what did you do before you died? Id probably call my mum
#15 SUroot, Aug 18, 2011
Giant Russian Bear | Surfer Jerry
omg.. no human can fight with such a bear.. esp. without any weapons
#16 vincebugsy, Aug 18, 2011
I would futilely fight to the death.
#17 A.Nonymous, Aug 18, 2011
This is a sad situation, but also makes some folks realize why not only having a firearm, but know how to USE it, could have prevented this situation. When we go camping we carry our pistols, of course, if only it is legal there.

...Russia, dont they have an abundance of AK47s..yanoe...
#18 merg, Aug 18, 2011
Perhaps she didn't call 911 because she knew that they were in the middle of the forest and was going to die? If that was the case, I would want to talk to my mom to let her know that I love her.
#19 Vihzel, Aug 18, 2011
I couldn't do that, screw that. I would find a friggin stick, rocks, whatever... I ain't gonna be a fresh meal... ok I might, but at least I'll die fighting them bears...
#20 merg, Aug 18, 2011
Whether you know you're going to live or die... you're probably right.

Different people have different instincts and that's just chalked up to how we've become as a species. Ask my wife, she knows not to try to scare me or startle me because my first reaction is to fight. I lash out as a natural instinct when I feel threatened. Most will cower and retreat. You can't change your primal instincts as they are out of your control. Some will choose to fight even when there appears to be no hope and this is where all those stories about people who survived overwhelming odds come from. Others do not. Seems to me it's pretty obvious which category this young woman fit.

I feel for her mother for having to listen to the whole thing. Not only did she lose her husband but the same call notifying her was also the last call of her daughter who was being mauled to death while talking to her. No mother should have to listen to something like that. I've been in some life threatening situations and I didn't even think about calling my mother until I knew the situation was stabilized and I was ok since those were the first words out of my mouth to calm her before briefing her on the situation.

Pretty tragic story for those left behind.
#21 OstrichSaK, Aug 18, 2011
My mom already knows I love her. I think she would be better off knowing I did everything I could to fight for my life if I went up to and including calling 911, Park Rangers, The Ghostbusters, Chuck Norris.. anyone who could aid me in my ultimate survival. Battery life is critical in that sort of situation and if you have reception to call your mother then it's far from over IMO.
#22 OstrichSaK, Aug 18, 2011
Quite the story.

First - I don't think 911 serves Russia. And I don't think that 911 serves anyplace that you'd be likely to run into a bear, in most cases (except when they wander into Albuquerque looking for food - stuff like that).

So, in looking this up, it turns out that however much of this story is true, the part about her calling her mom - isn't.

She did call for help from her local forest rangers.

The rest - tabloid news.

#23 EarlyMon, Aug 18, 2011
Sad situation, but I would have been dead before they ate me. I'd rather not put that on my mom.

Me- "Hi, mom, it's your son. So this trip with Dad was a bad idea. We tried bonding but we got attacked by a bear."

Mom-" What?!? Where is your father now?"

Me- " He was drug off by the bear, pretty sure he's dead. But don't worry about him after that happened the bear came back and chased me. Spirited bastard caught me after a good chase. Oh and she brought her cubs too. Soooo cute their chewing the fat right now.... and my spleen. So just wanted to say thanks for making Dad bring me out into the middle of nowhere and letting this happen. I would be taking a video right now but the lighting sucks and this 3gs iphone doesn't have flash.... so toodles"
#24 TheGoatLantern, Aug 18, 2011
That would be me. There's no doubt I would become bear food in that situation. Those bears are going to complain to their moms about how much their heads hurt when they're done eating though.
#25 A.Nonymous, Aug 18, 2011