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Support Go SMS - smiley problem (not emoji)

was using chomp sms for ages, when i type say.. ": )" it will show a small yellow smiley :) image, or ; ) .. small yellow winking face image ;)

when i do this on Go SMS i just get the text, ie. if i type ": )" ...i get.. well .. ": )" (no image). have tried the diff options in the smiley settings in Go and its still the same. have uninstalled chomp and please note, this is not a prob with emoji, i have the plugin installed for go and it works fine. just that Go won't translate simple text smileys into images.

any ideas folks? (the space between the colon and brackets in my smileys above are done on purpose, so that the thread doesn't print an image)


#1 simes6600, Oct 3, 2012
there's this option in GO SMS to select your default smiley icons. use the android ones. i am using GO SMS close to 1 year now, got no problems with the smileys :)
#2 icedtea, Oct 3, 2012
have tried both "android style" & "go style" in application settings> smiley options (and even rebooted), but it still won't convert simple text smileys to images.
#3 simes6600, Oct 4, 2012