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Good Wired Headset with Mic

Does anybody know any good wired headset with mic?

I had the Motorola EH25 Stereo Earset (around $25). And i liked it before it broke in 2 months. And i want to get an new one. But i want something that will last me longer then that. Even though i didn't lose any money on those because i bought it from overstock with warranty and they ended gaving me the full refund with the price of product and the warranty price back . I am not big fan of blue tooth headsets because first you have to turn on the bluetooth on your phone and then pair it and also then u have to charge your bluetooth end of the day. In the end its too much of an hassle. Besides the quality of the sound through wired headsets are much better then the bluetooth from what i have experienced.

Any advice for good wired headsets(w mic). I will be using it for mostly phone calls and not that much music.


#1 djsat03, Nov 19, 2009
I bought the bose wired headset w/mic. The sound quality is fantastic but it comes with a price...literally. I wanted a wired headset for the same reasons as you listed above. I can never remember to charge my bt.
#2 gcroberson, Nov 19, 2009
I'm a telephony engineer, and I like Plantronics.
#3 colnago, Nov 19, 2009
Search eBay. I got one for $5 and free shipping. Simple one ear with mic and 3.5mm jack. Audio quality is fine for calls. Just a thought.
#4 SUNBORN, Nov 19, 2009
Too much for my budget, lol. If i was looking at right one, the ones i saw i think it was around $129. But yea, you do get what you pay for. And bose is top notch.

If it won't be too much of an trouble can you everyone that want to suggest an headsets list the model number aswell, it will come in handy when i am searching for it online.
#5 djsat03, Nov 19, 2009

I did try some of those 3.5 headsets from ebay while ago, i think it was like $7 with free shipping and i bought 2, Will the guy said it comes with an mic in the listing and when i got them in the mail it did not. And i didn't want to go through hassle of returning it back, so i have them for just listing music now. I think i will look into ebay, if i don't find what i want else where.
#6 djsat03, Nov 19, 2009
these v-moda's retailed for over 100 bucks when they first came out and are well worth it...they can be had now for 40 bucks.

v moda vibe duo, great deals on Electronics, Everything Else on eBay!
#7 CatsTide, Nov 19, 2009
Yea I just got sick of all of the $20 dollar ones I got messing up on me. In the last 6 months I know I have spent at least 100-120 in mic's. So I decided to just get the ones with a guarantee. I cant express to you how great they sound though...I know they are expensive but they are well worth the money. The only thing I dislike about them is that they dont have background noise cancellation and that drives me crazy since I work in a loud diesel all day. Oh and yes they are 129 but the rep gave me a discount for like $20 off.
#8 gcroberson, Nov 19, 2009

Thanks for the recommending these and i went ahead and got myself these headsets. I actually found good deal on newer version for these same headsets. V moda Vibe II (regularly $119), got them brand new for $40 from ebay.
#9 djsat03, Dec 3, 2009
Did you receive it yet? If so, how do you like it?

I'm looking for a wired headset too. Will any Plantronics or Panasonic 3.5mm jack headset work?

I would actually like to use this headset when I'm at home:
Panasonic KX-TCA60 Hands-Free Headset with Comfort Fit Headband
but it only has a 2.5mm jack. Anyone know of a similar one that will work with the Droid?
#10 MountainX, Dec 10, 2009

I got them in the mail an week ago, so far i love them. The button works when incoming calls comes in, with an press of an button u can take the call. Built quality feels good, its all metal. The sound quality is superior (music). The call quality is good, from my end and other end aswell. One thing for sure these do cancel noise, so make sure you have one side in your ear when your driving, because funny story i forgot about that one day and i was driving and i was like dam did my car wind noise just got better or what, i don't hear nothing. Also if your an big fan of bass you will like these for your music as well.

I know like most of the headsets i had before go bad easily, i bought an 3 year warranty for $14.99 from Square Trade with these. I would say that's not an bad investment you should make towards headsets, since life span of headsets do not last that long. I got the headsets for $40 and the price of the headsets retails for $119. And if it breaks in the next 3 years i will get $119 back from square trade.

The ones you looking at like you mention will not work with droid. Only other ones i can think of is Motorola EH25, they will run u between $19-25. But i had these same one (Motorola EH25), it lasted me about 1 month. I would not suggest it, but who knows maybe i am bad with headsets.

here is the review on cnet

V-moda Vibe II (Chrome/Rouge) Headset reviews - CNET Reviews
#11 djsat03, Dec 10, 2009
Thanks. That's great feedback. Sounds like the V moda Vibe II are the best choice. I'll give them a try too. :D
#12 MountainX, Dec 10, 2009

your welcome, make sure you gave that guy an offer on ebay for $40 if you are getting it from there. I would not pay $119 for it.
#13 djsat03, Dec 10, 2009
I'm looking on eBay now for the best prices. If you want to recommend a seller, I will take a look at them. And thanks again for your help.

BTW, if I had the budget for it (which I don't), do you think the SENNHEISER PXC300 On-Ear Collapsible Active Noise-Canceling Headphones (SKU:SNHPXC300M) would work with the Droid? Some people are telling me they are similar to the Bose mobile on-ear, but better.

Here's a link to a store selling them:
#14 MountainX, Dec 10, 2009
A reviewer on Amazon says the mic sound quality isn't that great. Do you agree?
#15 MountainX, Dec 10, 2009

Do u need them for just music? Because i don't believe this one has an mic built in. If you just need it for music, then i think these are good, i have read reviews on this company and it got excellent feedback, not sure about if they are superior to Bose though.

Here is the link to the headsets i bought from the seller

Sealed V-Moda Vibe II Chrome Rouge Headphones iPhone - eBay (item 230398906290 end time Dec-12-09 11:22:02 PST)
#16 djsat03, Dec 10, 2009
Excellent noise isolation with a great mic and good noise "cancellation" with directional mics and what not... Also a very good price for the transducer that Etymotic is using here:
Etymotic Research, Inc. - ETY•COM™ Headset
#17 bthoward, Dec 10, 2009
#18 djsat03, Dec 10, 2009
No you'd need an adapter... Something well worth putting up with... I've since found a new CD player that does bluetooth very well and I've gone that direction. Phonebook sync works perfectly, BT audio is great, I can stream pandora and get navigation messages perfectly, and the deck does voice dial for me then activates a BT call.. I can't ask for anything more. I don't use a headset anywhere other than in the car so this is a good solution for me.
#19 bthoward, Dec 10, 2009
I made an offer to that seller as you suggested. Thanks for the tip. These look high quality and they are portable. They are in a price range I can afford too.

However, I'm thinking that my company will buy something like the Bose mobile on-ear for work-related stuff, which is why I looked at the SENNHEISER PXC300 On-Ear Collapsible Active Noise-Canceling Headphones. Yes, they would need a mic for phone calls. I talk on the phone for work and sometimes I need to walk outside the office. Not only must I still hear my callers clearly, they need hear me well without hearing all the background noise outside.

So I'm interested in a really high quality headset/mic that will sound as good as the professional Plantronics headset/mic I use on a landline inside. They do not need to be small/portable. If I can find something good, my job might pay for it. So I would consider the Bose or SENNHEISER or something similar. We'll see if I can talk my boss into buying them ;)
#20 MountainX, Dec 10, 2009
Finding the right adapter can be tricky. I know of people who have tried 5 different ones, all the right size and shape, but none of them would actually work. Check reviews on Amazon to see examples of this problem.
#21 MountainX, Dec 10, 2009

If you don't care about blue tooth or wired connectivity type. Look into this (bluetooth).

Plantronics. (Quote from cnet "The Plantronics Voyager Pro might not look like much, but it has the best sound quality of any Bluetooth headset we've ever tried" - Nicole Lee)

Plantronics Voyager Pro Headset reviews - CNET Reviews

Bose, this is only one i could find and i think this is the same one mentioned before in this thread.

BOSE MOBILEINEAR 3.5mm Mobile In-Ear Headset in Wired Cell Phone Headsets at
#22 djsat03, Dec 10, 2009
CNet sure did give the Plantronics Voyager Pro raving review! The reviews on NewEgg look a bit more mixed. Ear and mic sound quality is important to me, so this headset got my attention. But I really don't want a blue tooth model...

Still waiting to hear back from the eBay seller on my offer for the [​IMG][​IMG]V-Moda Vibe II
#23 MountainX, Dec 10, 2009
Naw... Piece of cake... Call Etymotic and they'll walk ya through the right ones... They are a great company and do a very good job. I've been using their headphones for doing studio recordings for years.

I've even gone to the audiologist and had custom ear molds made for my ears and the Etymotic phones... The ER-4's make for a very nice set of full range headphones. Guys like V-Moda put more money into the look of their product than their drivers... ;) Oh and there is no way I'd buy a Bose product. I used to work for the company that designed their professional amplifiers... Those were good (cause Bose didn't make or design them). We always figured that BOSE stood for Bring Other Sound Equipment. Or we'd say no highs no lows... It must be Bose. ;)

Anyway Etymotic does a great job of very flat very uncolored high quality audio. Keep in mind most people who don't know REAL quality audio think that uncolored flat response is lacking in bass response. But for a phone headset that shouldn't be a concern.
#24 bthoward, Dec 10, 2009
Seems like you know what you are talking about. You certainly know more than me. I'll contact Etymotic and see if they have an adapter that will work with the Droid. Too bad they are closed already today...

Thanks for the tip.
#25 MountainX, Dec 10, 2009