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Support Google App immediately opens Google Chrome

So I just recently switched from iOS to android and like 5 days after buying it I've been having a problem, whenever I want to search using Google App's search, it instantly redirects me to Google Chrome. I even went into the Google settings (Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow) and it redirects me to chrome even so. This is REALLY annoying. I am no android expert so I don't really know how to disable that, so I need your help guys. I mean even OK google doesn't work because it redirects me.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy J7, Android 6.0.1. Updated yesterday (16 July 2017)


#1 SorenDev, Jul 17, 2017
Calm down it nothing unusual because Chrome browser is set as your default browser and they are one in same. The home screen search bar by Google is just an extension to Google Chrome. Now you always have the option of installing another browser like Foxfire, Dolphin, Puffin etc. And can use either one of them as your default browser. But as long as you use Google home screen search bar it's going to open Chrome browser to assist you in your searches.
#2 Phalon4, Jul 17, 2017
Well I know it's nothing unusual but it is incredibly annoying especially because if I access Google settings it redirects me to chrome. Just the fact of accessing settings. And for example if I want to read cards (Google now) it opens Google Chrome with an empty search box. It is incredibly annoying as the Google app is quite different from the Chrome app at least in some aspects. So even if it's normal, is there anyway to disable that protocol? I've been looking at the files but I'm afraid to change something as it could damage my phone...
#3 SorenDev, Jul 17, 2017
The Google app and Chrome browser are all Google. There is no way to change anything unless you specify your default browser
#4 Dannydet, Jul 17, 2017
OK then let me rephrase this for a second.
'My Google app is starting my default browser. How do I stop it from doing that?'
That's all I need. I want to use the Google app as itself instead of being instantly redirected to my default browser.
#5 SorenDev, Jul 17, 2017