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Support Google Now doesn't bypass lock screen

Hi all,

For the last few months, at least, I have noticed that the Google Now voice commands no longer bypass the screen lock like they are supposed to. This is quite annoying. I noticed it works if I want to call someone, but not other commands. The commands do function and u can hear the woman's voice, but u have to enter pin to see the screen.

In touchless control all the "commands while locked" buttons are successfully checked, so it should theoretically work.

I think it may be a bug but not sure.

Anyone have any idea how to solve the issue?

Btw I am running Android 4.4.4 on Moto X 2013 first gen, because ATT is dumb and wouldn't give me the lollipop update. But my wife has the same phone with lollipop and she has the exact same problem.



#1 so5724x, Sep 27, 2015
I think if you turn on "trusted voice" it will bypass the lockscreen. Actually, I believe your voice unlocks the phone so Google Now will process your request. Give it a shot. Google Search --> Settings --> Google Now detection --> Trusted Voice.
#2 The_Chief, Sep 27, 2015
Hi, unfortunately I don't see that in my settings. If I go to Google search settings I see accounts and privacy, search language, voice, phone search, now, cards, and about. But under voice and phone search I don't see anything about trusted voice. And again it is not that Google now is not detecting my voice or listening to my commands, but that it is not bypassing the lock screen. Thanks.
#3 so5724x, Sep 28, 2015
I have the same problem on lollipop and also on kit kat. There is no option for trusted voice that I can find anywhere. Really makes Google now use annoying in a phone whose prime differentiator was that it was always "listening", even while locked.

Moto X XT1060 DE 32 GB, Lollipop 5.1
#4 ppuser, Sep 28, 2015
Go into the "Moto" app, go into settings and then Voice. There are check box options to allow Google Commands, to place calls, and see notifications details, when the phone is locked
#5 mogelijk, Sep 28, 2015
On my Moto X everything is checked but "Google Commands" is greyed out because "device policy requires that this setting be disabled".
#6 ppuser, Sep 28, 2015
What is the Moto app? I don't even think I have that. There are various apps with Moto in the name...
#7 so5724x, Oct 4, 2015
I believe with Android 4.4.4 it was the Assist (or Moto Assist) app, I don't know if they updated it for 4.4.4. They renamed it to just Moto, combining a few apps, with the Lollipop update.
#8 mogelijk, Oct 5, 2015
Ok. I don't see Voice under Settings though. I see activities , places important to me, notifications, privacy, etc.
#9 so5724x, Oct 5, 2015
Sorry, I think I mentioned the wrong app. Since I have Lollipop on my Moto X, I forgot the different apps it originally came with. I believe you have a Moto Voice app and that is where the setting should be, or possibly in the settings under Moto Voice. If it isn't there, it may be an issue with 4.4.4 that Google broke and Motorola, since they were working on getting Lollipop working, never fixed.

Though another work around is to set up a "trusted device", a bluetooth device that you keep with you and will keep the device unlocked while connected. And, of course, there is the Motorola Skip, though that does remove some of the convenience of the touchless controls.
#10 mogelijk, Oct 5, 2015
On kitkat on the original Moto X, you'd look in the settings app (not in the Google search app) for setting under "touch less control". When I get home later I'll look at the settings under Google now where you'd look for voice settings...
#11 doogald, Oct 5, 2015
Exactly, the settings are there clear and simple. Allow commands while locked. Except it doesn't allow commands while locked (actually it does but u can't see the screen until unlock it). I don't think it is a setting to do with trusted voice or anything, I think it is a glitch
#12 so5724x, Oct 6, 2015
You may be right about that. I haven't tried speaking a command with the phone locked in a long time. I only use it in my car, and, since I use NFC unlock and have an NFC sticker on my car mount, the phone always stays unlocked in the car for me.

If you go into the app drawer, google settings, now & search, there should be a voice option. It may be that Google Now's on any screen option supports lock screen commands better than touchless controls.
#13 doogald, Oct 6, 2015