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General Google photo back up --- how do you keep some photos private

I want to use Google drive to back up my photos and videos. some are very important and want to keep them safe.

but some are private.. and don't want them to be backed up to the net...
want them to stay on my phone.

how does the auto back up work? is it only pic and video that are in folders created by the camera?
and all other media in other folders; it will leave alone?

or does it seek out all medias on my phone and back them up to google drive?



#1 dan330, Mar 31, 2015
Well I use Google + not drive to back up my pics (not sure if its the same thing) and it backs up everything, screenshots, downloaded pics, icon sets, everything
#2 funkylogik, Mar 31, 2015
this is why I will not use cloud backup services. you loose control of what goes up to the cloud.

I upload directly to Photobucket, YouTube only those pictures/movies that I want uploaded.
#3 AZgl1500, Mar 31, 2015
Tbh I don't mind all my pics going up.
My best friend died on Sunday and we spent the night looking for pics of him and found pics I'd have never chosen to upload but mean so much now.
I don't see a problem with having a lot of shit pics being uploaded for the sake of a few gems :)
#4 funkylogik, Mar 31, 2015
By default, the uploaded backups are private. I've already tested this several times (using my sister's phone and G+ account) to see if any of my uploaded photos to G+/Drive are viewable. Nope they aren't.
#5 chanchan05, Apr 2, 2015
private.. on my phone.
a directory that will NOT get backed up. keep it from being copied online
#6 dan330, Apr 3, 2015
Google+'s autobackup feature does let you specify which folders should/should not be backed up.

#7 codesplice, Apr 3, 2015
thanks !!!!
u rock
#8 dan330, Apr 3, 2015