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Google Voice Voicemail for Cricket

Use this at your own risk, no guarantee this will work for you.

I just got off a chat with Cricket and was told that there was no way to disable my Cricket Voicemail. I was asking because I have always used Google Voice to intercept for other carriers. Found this tip on another site.

Simply Enter at the dial pad.
*61* your google voice number #

Now Google Voice is picking up my unanswered calls like before.

Update: This afternoon I had a caller that received a "Caller unavailable message". The voice mail went to the Cricket voice mail instead of Google voice. At this point, I will chalk this up to an anomaly, but will monitor and report strange happenings.


#1 zombdroid, Feb 26, 2015 Last edited: Feb 26, 2015
It's simple I went back to Cricket Visual VM but if you want GV again simply bring up the stock dialer go into preferences and click on Voicemail and switch it from carrier to Google Voice and u should have your GV working like a charm.
#2 DonB, Feb 26, 2015
There may be no way to disable Cricket voicemail (I'm not sure I believe it), but that doesn't mean you can't use an alternative.

What happens to incoming calls when a call is unanswered (let the call ring until it stops on its own), you're busy (swipe left to ignore the call), or your phone is unreachable (not connected to the network) is determined by your conditional call forwarding settings. By default, these settings are set to forward to a backdoor number to Cricket's voicemail system, but they can be changed to forward anywhere you want. In fact, that's what changing the voicemail settings in the dialer app does. You can see the current settings by opening the dialer app, then Menu > Settings > Call Forwarding.

As long as the carrier supports conditional call forwarding for a MNVO, using Google Voice for voicemail should be possible.

Note: last I heard, T-Mobile doesn't support this for MVNOs.

That said, I gave up on Google Voicemail. Too often the notification arrives without transcription (transcribing hasn't been completed yet) if I'm using the Google Voice app, and I can't delete individual messages of I'm using Hangouts.

The main annoyance of the Cricket Visual Voicemail app - playback stops if the device orientation changes - is daily correctable with Tasker. I also can't delete about 1 in 4 messages because the delete button is grayed out for some reason, but the eventually expire on their own.
#3 UncleMike, Feb 27, 2015
Found a tip on another site, there is a code to push your Cricket VM to 30 to answer and so Google Voice intercepts the call first. Did it and it seems to work fine.

#4 zombdroid, Feb 28, 2015
Yup this method works best
#5 dstephe9, Mar 1, 2015
So I did exactly this, tested it immediately, and it worked.
However, if I switch to truedialer for my calling, will use of a different dialer undo it?
#6 bmedclinic, Apr 1, 2016
Should not affect it
#7 DonB, Apr 2, 2016