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If you are now using Google WiFi can you share your connectivity and speed improvements? Bonus points if you include screenshots!

I have yet to set mine up but will be setting it up this week. Placing 3 units- one on each floor of my house.


#1 Rob, Dec 27, 2016
I'm using one for my office to take advantage of the mesh. With the distance of about 30 yards, the second Google WiFi unit connects to my existing OnHub with "Fair" connectivity. From the main OnHub inside the house I have a 200mbps connection and when order to the hub in the office using the fair connection, I average about 80mbps.

Funny thing is, I removed the OnHub cover and it went from poor to fair. lol.

I plan on testing new locations to see if higher or lower elevations work better for the main location and also switching up which is the master.

@Rob - How does your new Google WiFi on each floor work out compared to your previous, poor performing WiFi setup?
#2 steve, Jan 17, 2017
Yup, resurrecting an old thread.

My wifi (old Belkin N450 DB) is dropping out a lot lately and buffering often with my MLB/YouTube TV/NHL/Amazon etc. (baseball more than anything).

So, I'm looking at this as an upgrade. My house is small so I think 1 puck should work. Anyway, certainly someone else is using it now so, how are you liking it?

@Rob, did you ever get it set-up?
#3 Clementine_3, Apr 14, 2018 at 10:54 AM
Yep... I got it set up and it greatly and instantly improved my speeds.

I'm still not 100% sure what causes the original problems in my house. I think it's a combination of things including netted/steel railings throughout the house, crappy service from Verizon, lots and lots of neighbors on the same service and not enough bandwidth to go around, etc...

Regardless, would definitely recommend. However, I'm pretty sure you need at least 2 "pucks"... one that plugs into your router or modem and another to serve as the spread point.
#4 Rob, Apr 14, 2018 at 12:55 PM
Thanks, just got one up and running. You can use just one or multiple. One is working well, getting good speed and coverage. OK, insane speeds!

Just one issue, I can't connect my OG Moto Droid to it, it just keeps disconnecting. I use that as a radio for the bird. Signal is very strong so not sure what's up with that.
#5 Clementine_3, Apr 14, 2018 at 2:57 PM