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Root [GUIDE] How to root Samsung GALAXY Tab 4 SM-T237P On v5.1.1 Lollipop

Welcome to the guide!

This guide will show you how to root the SM-T237P Sprint tablet easly, now we all know kingroot doesn't work at all with the latest v5.1.1 lollipop firmware so this guide will help you root your tablet as this is the ONLY Guide on the web to root the Samsung GALAXY Tab 4 SM-T237P Sprint Tablet

I bought the tablet in a pawn shop for about $106.00 looking brand new, it orignally came with v4.4.2 kitkat but i updated to lollipop but unfortunately i tried to root with kingroot but no luck,i downgraded my tablet back to kitkat and root was sucsessful with kingroot, so i didnt want to stop so i created a new recovery that was ported to this model only!

So here how to root


1) Download the required files in link will contain the supersu zip and recovery tar.

2) once downloaded move the recovery to your odin folder that has the odin files inside.

3) once that's done on your tablet go to the option called "Developer Options"and enable USB Debugging then completely turn off your tablet.

4) once your tablet is turned off press and hold the following button Home+Vol down+Power and once the device turns on only let go the power button till you see the bootloader caution screen.

5) once clicked continue plug in your usb cable into your PC and your tablet.

6) now open odin and you should see some number then a word saying added.

7) now select the tab PA and find the recovery tar. (If your using a newer versions of odin the one you'll need to choose is called AP, its the same but they just reversed the letters)

8) after slected and opened odin will load it up for you to flash you should see it ready if the path is in the field next to PA you may not see in the left box any md5 check etc this is normal.

9) once it's ready flash the recovery and the tablet will reboot.

10) once rebooted turn off the tablet completely.

11) once turned off press and hold Home+Vol up+Power once the device turned on you will see on the top left Revovery booting.. recovery is not seandroid enforcing etc.

12) now once your in the recovery select the option "Install Zip" and choose /sdcard and find the supersu provided in link and install the zip it will install.

13) once supersu is installed head back to the main menu and click main menu, and select Reboot Now, itll ask you to disable flash and select "No" then it'll ask you to install su to xbin also select "No" and system will reboot.

14) once your device reboots your now rooted and enjoy!


Be aware to install the samsung drivers for odin to reconize the tablet to flash.


#1 Cyberdev, May 12, 2017 Last edited: Feb 18, 2018
Just wanted to say thank you!!!!

I had this tablet for a while and never knew rooting was this easy
#2 july15, Feb 17, 2018
Your welcome
#3 Cyberdev, Feb 18, 2018
I must be having trouble flashing the recovery tar file via Odin, because when I get to the recovery mode on the tablet, the option to add from zip is not available. Any suggestions? Thank you for any help you can provide.
#4 Jeremy Barker, Jun 13, 2018 at 2:34 PM