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Root [Guide]Install Viper4Android on CM13 (& other MM roms) w/all necessary files

I decided to write a simple guide, seeing how the installation of V4A on marshmallow was an iffy subject. There are too many ways of installing that simply don't work. The main reason is SELinux not set to permissive. Now there are security risks by setting the SELinux to permissive, but most likely your already rooted so..... If your not then by all means do a search on what SELinux is and you decide for yourself (before making any rash statements about it).

Download the attached zip and if necessary the attached busybox apk. Extract zip contents to any location. There will be 2 files extracted, an app and a zip file (link below). I modified the extracted zip to include the dark version of Viper4Android. Install Busybox apk and SELinuxMode Changer apk prior to installing V4A driver to avoid conflicts.

Step by Step Instructions
  • Make sure Busybox is installed
  1. Install Busybox
  2. Open app
  3. Tap INSTALL
You can either use the provided apk or choose one of your own Busybox apps
  • Setting SELinux to PERMISSIVE
  1. Install SELinuxMode Changer.
  2. Open app.
  3. Tap PERMISSIVE (should grey-out) to enable permissive mode. _20160423_212822.JPG
  4. Reboot
At any time you want to switch back to enforcing mode, simply tap the ENFORCING button
  • Installing Viper4Android on CM13
  1. Boot device to TWRP
  2. Flash zip
  3. Reboot
  4. Open Viper4Android
  5. Install driver (3 dot menu)
  6. Reboot
You can check driver status (3 dot menu). If it shows status as abnormal, open up SELinuxMode Changer to ensure it is still set as permissive. You may have to reboot.

Proper Credit
SELinuxMode Changer apk
zip found here
zip contents from
official V4A website

DISCLAIMER: No One (but you) will be held responsible for any damages caused by the modifications you do to the devices software. You do so of you own volition.


#1 HasH_BrowN, Apr 23, 2016 Last edited: Apr 27, 2016
Wait so is the attached zip flashable or do you have to extract the contents first?
#2 DeltaXzombies, Apr 23, 2016
Extract contents to a location. Then the extracted (included inside) zip is the flashable one.
#3 HasH_BrowN, Apr 23, 2016
Alright thanks, I was a little confused
#4 DeltaXzombies, Apr 23, 2016
I've always wondered does Viper4Android increase my speaker volume or headphone volume or both?
#5 kwiknuts, Apr 25, 2016
Both and a lot more. It can make crappy speakers sound good.
#6 HasH_BrowN, Apr 25, 2016
OP edited to include Busybox
#7 HasH_BrowN, Apr 27, 2016