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Tips Hacked!

I have had a hacker for awhile now and I need some advice....or more like clarification.

My name is Tim and I have an Event which is new to me after being a quasi-Luddite for years now....and I like it. I found a wonderful software package fr only $25 that lets me sync everything to the PC and it shows all the files, apps, pics, ad nasueum... y question is, and I can send screen shots, is that when messing with the files on the computer, I ran across this:


and so on...

When I push on any of the numbered buttons, I get, what seems to me, a strange file..


Now, having clone files doesn't sound good to me. Also, it has a keychain like my Mac and this keychain I couldn't access until I got this Wondershare Mobilgo software...

Any thoughts?


by the way, I am more than happy to send any data if you care to have a look...



#1 HeadhunterTimR, Apr 2, 2014
If you can, try backing up your data (like pics, music, etc) and offload it to a PC/external HD. Then shut down the phone. After that, press the power button and volume down together to get to recovery. When the phone shows recovery, select factory data reset. This will erase internal memory, and /sdcard/.android_secure. Doing this will restore things as if the phone were new. If the phone had an OTA update installed before factory resetting, that will actually remain, but the phone will still be restored to near original condition, free of any apps or extra data.

You will have to reinstall all your apps. If you haven't backed up any apps yet, you can try using Mybackup to make this process easier. That's the only app I know of that can backup user apps without needing root. Back apps with that, then copy the folder it creates and send that to a PC, so you have them ready to reload when needed. If you factory restore, you may need to reinstall Mybackup from the Play store once your phone is registered again with your Google account. <--- DO THIS BEFORE FACTORY RESETTING.

If you can, could you please send some of the data? Some of us might be able to look at it and see what can be done. I'm still thinking a factory reset + app backup/restore through Mybackup might be your best option.
#2 daffyducknj, Apr 10, 2014