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General Has anyone heard of chitchat mobile?

Funny this phone was a boost mobile phone but since I left sprint I have found about this company called chitchat mobile. What they do is you can either flash your used sprint phone or purchase one of their own phones and you pick a plan for 30 days. I think it's awesome even though the service does run on the sprint network but it's well worth it for those who are sick of contracts and don't really want to go prepaid either. I believe this company is way better than cricket. Anyone else has it? :)


#1 GingerC76, Apr 20, 2013
Well, unlimited talk and text for 20 bux sounds pretty good. I wonder if there's any "fine print." ;)

#2 Frisco, Apr 20, 2013
Hope not, as like I said they run on sprint's network so who knows what fine print it is. To me it's better than cricket that's for sure.
#3 GingerC76, Apr 20, 2013
Ok only fine print is taxes so instead of paying just flat out 10 or 20$ there's the sales tax. Plus your plan expires next month of the date you pay for the plan, basically 30 days.
#4 GingerC76, Apr 20, 2013
Yup. Then there's the $30 extra for unlimited data. So the plan actually costs $50 plus tax which sux and IMO is no deal.

It's nice if you don't want data. Might as well use an old flip phone if you're not using data. :p:D:p
Defeats the purpose of having a smartphone. Sure, you can use wifi but that means you are tied down as far as where you can access data.
#5 wetbiker7, Apr 21, 2013
It's not 30$ for me, it's around 21$ :D but IMO no contract bs! To each his/her own :eek:
#6 GingerC76, Apr 22, 2013

Hmm. Do you have unlimited everything? I just looked at their website again and it says the phone/text plan is $19.99. The unlimited data plan is an extra $30.
#7 wetbiker7, Apr 22, 2013
Chit Chat Mobile is the only wireless provider to offer customizable plans. Where else can you get unlimited talk & text for $19.99 month and pay as you go data starting at $5 ??

I have a smart phone with unlimited T&T with $5 and my bill is only $28.82. If I run out of data (rarely) I just add more.
#8 MN8, Apr 25, 2013
My point exactly. This is why I say chitchat mobile is good for me. You can always add whatever you want even before it expires but another downfall is with the unlimited plan you still have to add picture messages as I found out the hard way when I was trying to send a pic :D:rolleyes: I really think they should revamp that idea of including picture messaging on the unlimited plan.
#9 GingerC76, Apr 25, 2013
They need to step it up and put some towers out where i live. Im in the middle of the woods and i get 1 bar. Sometimes i have no signal at all. Its ridiculous.
#10 RootedPrevail, Apr 28, 2013

It's weird out here were I'm at. The signal fluctuates. It'll go from full signal down to 1 bar then right back up to full again. I have no idea what causes it but at least I know the drop in signal won't last long. lol :D
#11 wetbiker7, Apr 29, 2013
Mine is constantly nothing lol. The best signal I've had out here was 2 bars and I was up on the roof when I got that
#12 RootedPrevail, Apr 29, 2013
Any updates? I might be leaving PPC.
#13 zapjb, May 21, 2013
Gotta love sprint towers huh? Even when I was actually on sprint's contact I still had a low signal, might be a 3g thing or does that happen to 4g as well :thinking:
#14 GingerC76, May 22, 2013
I have used chitchat mobile's 9.99 prepaid program for half a year. Right now it is the cheapest prepaid for my purpose--limited use of voice, lots of use of text and limited use of data (just checking emails). Signal is fine where I live. Customer service is terrible though, and they seem to have no established way to track the accounts. I have to make calls every month about the time to renew the next month's plan. They don't send out reminder when your plan is going to expire, so I tried to use autopayment, but that worked poorly, my account still expired and I still had to call to have them activate it again. So I tried to make in advance payment, and they seem to lose track of it and disregard my early payment. Overall, it is a pain to deal with them. Have to call or email every month, and they are not very kind dealing with the calls, cause I am using their cheapest plan. I didn't know the cash card is only good for one month either, so I wasted a lot money to buy multiple of them that expired after use of less than 5% of cash, taking account of that it is not so cheap anymore.
#15 Gen622, Oct 14, 2014