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Anyone here know if its safe for me to be charging my Note 8 using the white USB cable with white Micro USB to USB C adapter that came with my Galaxy S7 Edge? Reason I ask is because when I pick the phone up during charging or after a full charge the phone feels a little warm. Just wanna know if that's normal and if using the S7 Edge's cable is fine.


#1 Dyno S, Sep 11, 2017
It will feel warm. That is perfectly normal. What's not normal is the phone getting too hot to touch. But yes, another USB-C cable would be fine.
#2 The_Chief, Sep 11, 2017
Has all the mess with bad USB-C cables been fixed by now? It took me forever to find an acceptable cord for my Nexus 5X, but USB-C is a lot more prevalent now than it was then.
#3 soy.lor.n, Sep 11, 2017
dont know what the "mess" was with usb-c but ive been using usb c for many many months. the cable i recommend is choetech
#4 marctronixx, Sep 11, 2017
Yeah that's a good one. If you scroll to the comments, you'll see the top most helpful review is by Benson Leung, who tested and reviewed like hundreds of USB-C cables and chargers over a couple years. I think it started with USB-C to USB-A cables that were actually dangerous and have transitioned more to C-to-C cables and chargers that claim to be 3.1 but don't work like they're supposed to.
#5 soy.lor.n, Sep 12, 2017
yeah I am familiar with that cat Mr Leung, but did not know there was an actual problem with USB C.

In my experience I have had nothing but good success with it, from the ipad pro to the few phones I have had within the better part of a year.

there certainly are some junk products out in the wild for sure...
#6 marctronixx, Sep 12, 2017
Ah good to know the warm feeling is normal. Maybe for me what could be also contributing to the added warmth is when I charge it I almost always have it between some clothes or laundry so the phone is in a safe cushioned area while its charging.

Maybe what I'll do is leave it out in the open and see if that reduces some of the minor warmth that I would get while it would charge.
#7 Dyno S, Sep 13, 2017
Why do you feel the need to put the phone in between clothing wehislt charging? Heat is not a friend in this scenario, and you should want the phone ventilated as much as possible so heat can dissipate and keep things within operating parameters.

The wireless chargers have fans built in them for a reason.
#8 marctronixx, Sep 13, 2017
Well putting it in a cushioned area was my safe spot because of how bad the S8+ would slide when put on an uneven surface of material so to be on the safe side I would sandwich the Note 8 inbetween something soft.

I had debated picking up the fast charger but was curious if it would shorten the overall life of the battery with continuous use of that over charging the phone regularly.
#9 Dyno S, Sep 14, 2017
My big heat issue used to be navigating on long trips... especially west, when the sun would beat down on my poor phone for our on its mount. FIXED:

AC Vent Wireless Charger

Yayyy! Now my phone stays nice, cool and charged the whole trip!

(For safety and convenience, I also use Navdy for heads-up navigation etc)
#10 The_Chief, Sep 14, 2017
You can't possibly "overcharge" these devices. Don't worry about that.

Ive had no issues with wireless charging ands ive Ben using it for a few years now.
#11 marctronixx, Sep 14, 2017