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Here's the number to talk to a Boost Mobile Representative

Hey guys so I know how hard it is to try and get to talk to a Boostmobile representative here is the number to automatically direct you to a boost representative within the first ring! 877-438-8643

as of August 11, 2012 This number works. I know there are other tricks people found that no longer work because boost cut it off. So eventually boost might cut this number because too many people call. -__-

Hope this helps! :)


#1 lily0615, Aug 11, 2012
Man, wish I would have had this last week, would have really come in handy!!
#2 Hooligan77, Aug 14, 2012
Just got off the phone with a rep & YES she picked up on the FIRST RING!

#3 Plaigh, Oct 28, 2012
I've actually been speaking to boost mobile reps via Facebook. Its been working well for me

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#4 TheRealMillah, Nov 28, 2012
i had saved a number combo for when i talk to the automated system to quickly get to CS but this is even better!
#5 gamikzone, Dec 13, 2012
This number still works!!!
#6 philly400, Feb 19, 2013
This number still works!! I could not believe after 2 hrs in that loop hell, this number actually rang once and there was a rep!!

You made my day! even though Samsung messed it up afterwards lol
This is what I felt like doing!! haha :bike: and I am an advocate of peace!
#7 Beautiful2013, Apr 4, 2013
Worked again today - 1 ring & there was an actual person on the other end that helped me out :party:
#8 Plaigh, Apr 15, 2013
worked for me today but was 2 rings
#9 GotMelon, Apr 17, 2013
as of 05/04/2013 still works Thanks:)
#10 keith1157, May 4, 2013
Still working today!! One ring and Art (I doubt that's his name) answered the phone!! Awesome! LIFE SAVER #!! :D
#11 Irishgirlie, May 17, 2013
1-877-438-8643. Just used this number and it still works! Also, boostmobilecustomerassistance@boostmobile.com is for email contact as well.
I have had no service x 3 days, spend over 2 hours on the phone troubleshooting my phone only to find out they "think" the towers "might" be overloaded in my area.
Check out Boost Mobile's Facebook page and see all the other customers from all over who also have had no service for a few days now, no explanations.
Customer Service people very friendly but claim to be in the dark about what's going on. No text message from Boost to explain to it's customers what the problem might be, or how long it will last.
Bye-bye Boost, can't wait an unknown amount of time for my service to be reinstated and will not be satisfied with NO explanation or time estimate of the problem. Hello Metro PCS!
#12 Chickarolla, May 25, 2013
Just figured I'd update those who are wondering if the number still works: I called today, and the phone didn't even ring and a representative was already going through their introductions.
#13 espylacopa, Jul 26, 2013
I used it 2 weeks ago and had the same experience No wait time.

They did fix the towers in my area. Much better. Still no 4g...

And they gave me a $5 credit.
#14 wyelkins, Jul 26, 2013
Still working as of July 29. Thanks! :)
#15 AngryTeddyBear, Jul 29, 2013
I called today. Human picks the phone right up.
#16 kolosus, Jul 30, 2013
I think they caught on. "You've reached a Boost Mobile toll-free number that is no longer active."
#17 walpow, Aug 8, 2013
I called this a few days ago and it went right through to some guy in India or something I could barely understand At least it was a real person though and he did answer my question.
#18 mydian, Aug 8, 2013
Yep, verified today. The number no longer works. :(
#19 espylacopa, Aug 8, 2013