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Root Hey, when did we get proxy support!?

I'm running CyanogenMod and I just noticed that under Wireless and network settings there is a Proxy settings option. It asks you for a hostname and port and lets you choose to use it only under WiFi.

My question is: At school they make me connect to "" to get internet access. My computer can do that through Firefox's "Automatic Proxy Configuration URL" option, but what do I do here to get it to work? Maybe the hostname is that URL and the port is 80 or something?

Either way I like the fact that we finally have proxy support. I really don't remember seeing this before so if it's old, forgive me. :eek:


#1 shadowdude777, Apr 19, 2010
Hey Ive the Samsung Spica flashed to the new Android 2.1 and i cant find the Proxy settings anywhere. Do u think i need to reflash with another version?
#2 click339, Apr 24, 2010
I don't know anything about that phone but I only saw it in the CyanogenMod ROM. If you don't have that, then that's your answer. If your phone doesn't have support for a CyanogenMod ROM then I don't know what you can do.
#3 shadowdude777, Apr 24, 2010
Atleast the official versions do not have proxy support. Not sure of unofficial versions though !!
#4 confabber, May 1, 2010
Any update on the proxy.pac
#5 dfg4evr, Sep 27, 2011
Now for the first time there is an app in the market that supports proxy.pac autoconfiguration. It's my app, called Autoproxy. You need to root to use it, but it will allow you to use Market, Maps, Gmail, browse the web, anything. Check it out at
#6 mgranja, Nov 22, 2011
Hey, I'm trying to cover the topic from the Developer point of view in my blog. Maybe you can find it useful:

The issue 1273

Starting from this collaboration now also Zirco browser support the proxy settings, NO ROOT required!
#7 lechuckcaptain, Dec 19, 2011