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how can i send a song

no you cant they are to large to send via txt you can send thru email though
#2 jr313, Apr 26, 2010
I think they have that function blocked in the phone, so much for "open" source. I have tried sending the same exact file form my droid that I have been able to send from my blackberry as a text, but my droid won't. Either verizon or google has blocked the ability to do this. The only way I have been able to send mp3 as a text was to forward a text that I had received from someone else.
#3 bluemsw, Apr 27, 2010

Use gmail to send them. I've sent my wife a song that I converted from a youtube vid via email to vzwpix and it worked.
#4 xmr405o, Apr 27, 2010