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Support How disable Dock Mode app from launching upon docking?

I am using an official HTC desk dock.

Whenever I dock, the Dock Mode app automatically launches.

But I am already using a superior third-party desk clock app.

How Do I stop Dock Mode auto-launch?


#1 Pipps, Oct 21, 2011
Did you uncheck Auto start in Dock Mode app's settings ?

#2 Harry2, Oct 21, 2011
Ha! Done! Thank you!
#3 Pipps, Oct 21, 2011
I have the same problem except auto launch is already unchecked and it still pops up when I press the home button. It's driving me crazy! Help :(
#4 Missheaven, May 20, 2012
You might try a work-arround with the app 'Dock No-Op'.

#5 Harry2, May 20, 2012
You can also try "Invisible Dock" application
#6 santadroid, Aug 8, 2012
This was really helpful....I downloaded this "Invisible dock" on my phone and the problem just vanished. is the link for downloading Invisible dock...
#7 Sunnywala, Mar 12, 2013