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Support How do I change the default photo viewer?

I just downloaded Quickpic from the market, how do I make that my default instead of the gallery that comes with the phone?


#1 kerriberri, Aug 22, 2011
Go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications. Select the All tab and select the Gallery app. Tap on Clear defaults. Next time you try to access an image, it will prompt you with "Complete action using" and list the different apps available. Check the "Use by default for this action" and then select Quickpic.
#2 sharksfan7, Aug 22, 2011
If you text or email yourself a pic once you tap on it it should ask you what you want to use to view it. Before you choose anything you tap the default box at the bottom then choose quickpic. If you aren't getting this as an option when you tap a pic that means you have a default set. So to clear default set do menu-settings-applications-manage apps-find the stock gallery app tap then choose clear default.
#3 2manyPHONES, Aug 22, 2011

Do you know if it's possible to choose instagram as defaut photo viewer when i click on a file that i dowloaded?

What i want to do is easily share on instagram photos that i dowload from my website.

Or do you know how to share a photo on all social networks automatically?

Thanks a lot for your help.
#4 buythismobile, Sep 5, 2014