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Support How do I clear Google maps search history

so I use google maps all the time and the navigation too. and now I have a huge history of searches for addresses

how do I clean them? I have tried so many apps out of the market and they are all full of S**T. non of them work.

any ideas? I even searched for the cache folder for it on the phone and SD card with no luck here.


#1 thefley, Aug 3, 2011
I downloaded History Eraser from the market. It gives you option to erase just about everything with a saved history from one place. It's a nice app. Check it out
#2 JimKnuckles, Aug 3, 2011

Just tried it, FAIL, no luck with that one..... thank you tho for the help !!
#3 thefley, Aug 3, 2011
go to the google maps on the computer. make sure you are logged in under the same email you have on the handset. from there you can see all of your history and favorites, etc. no need for a 3rd party app...
#4 marctronixx, Aug 3, 2011
There is a section for Google apps. Map search history is an option to erase. It works fine on mine when I erase them
#5 JimKnuckles, Aug 3, 2011

Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All>Google Search or Maps>Clear Data.

This is how you clear Google Search or Maps history. Compliments of member IB Pimpin's response to a post on clearing Google Search history. :D
#6 Wiley_11, Aug 13, 2011
don't want the wife knowing which strip clubs your going to? lol
#7 Tyler Perez, Aug 15, 2011
I was about to say the same thing xD

or something close to it :p
#8 Lozer_Kid, Aug 15, 2011
I have tried this with all of my possible search apps and the Quick Lookup app on my Evo 3D continues to show previous searches when I type certain letters into the search field.

I can't get them to go away no matter what I try.
#9 zlojack, Aug 16, 2011

There are at least 4 searches to clear data from. Google Search,Maps,Quick Lookup,Voice Search. :p
#10 Wiley_11, Aug 16, 2011
try restarting the phone after deleting search history from That worked for me
#11 crossle32, Nov 7, 2011
did not want anyone to know I was visiting Ms Persez :p

thanks for this suggestion as it seemed to be the only one that worked for me
#12 thefley, Nov 7, 2011
xI'm using a motorola zoom tablet, and I am registered on google. this page explains google history,
when I go to this page in google
it shows all my google browsing and maps history, and I can clear it using the button.
ALSO- using settings -applications -manage applications- I select google maps and use the clear data and clear cache buttons.
so there's no need to do an uninstall-updates. unless thats easier on your particular device.
#13 xoombo, Dec 20, 2011
I tried to clear all history from so it should clear the history that I wanted to clear, it worked for all the rest, but not for google map history. My Google Map App still shows all the location history. I even tried going to Location- Google Maps in my phone setting and clear cache and clear data option, but that also didn't work out.

What had worked out was going to Setting-Location-Location Services-Google Location Reporting-Location History- either it shows on or off, Tap on it- Tap Delete Location History- Delete.

I use Android on Samsung phone.
I hope it would be same setting for other Android phones.

I hope that helps.

Thank You.
#14 palk, Jul 23, 2014
I agree about the S**T.
The maps history is not on the android, it is on
The link to clear your history is
h t t p s : / /
#15 dcromley, Oct 27, 2014