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How do I replace my stock lockscreen. ROOTED

I just wanted to know if there is a way to change my lockscreen by just simple steps.

I did one change to my phone. I copied ADW Launcher's apk and rename it as same as my default launcher's name (which is LongCheerLauncher3.apk) and replace it in system/app/. And it worked! Now I have smooth and good looking launcher than the old one. And it's not a third party app anymore, but it's now a system app.

Now my question is can I also do it to change my lockscreen? Or just tell me how to do it so I know if it's that complicated.


#1 nicholeto_O, Jun 11, 2015
Lock-screens are as simple as installing the apk file and removing the default one from the device settings.
#2 AndroidProf, Jun 11, 2015
oh? its just like that?

can u give step by step pls. :)
#3 nicholeto_O, Jun 11, 2015
Just install the lockscreen app, open it and follow instructions.
Why did you install ADW as a system app by the way?
#4 funkylogik, Jun 11, 2015
why is there any side effects?

how do I delete my stock lockscreen.? when I install a lock screen, I always come up with double locking because even if I select none in default locker settings, it always has a slider.
#5 nicholeto_O, Jun 12, 2015
You can't delete the lock screen, you can only deactivate it and add another lock screen. If your device is rooted, you can uninstall an .apk file in your system files which is used for locking your screen, but this will cause system instability and might have side effects on your phone (I wouldn't advice you to do this).
Go to accessibility settings>service>then select the downloaded lock-screen as the default lock-screen.

If you have selected none and still get a swipe, then you have a problem with your device or the default setting for none is set to swipe by the firmware. Can you see a swipe option on lock-screen?
#6 AndroidProf, Jun 13, 2015
Doesn't it have to be selected in settings,, security, device administrators too?
#7 funkylogik, Jun 13, 2015
No it doesn't have. I got Android 2.3.6 which is quite old and I got only four options. None, Pattern, Pin, and Password. I think the none option for me always have a slider.

by the way, can u mention the name of. apk file in system/app that is for my lockscreen?
#8 nicholeto_O, Jun 13, 2015
I've no idea tbh. I don't even know what phone you have sorry.
On my phone, "none" means exactly no lockscreen, I tap the power button and I'm straight on homescreen.
As you say though, you're on a very old version :(
#9 funkylogik, Jun 13, 2015