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How do you buy Music on your phone in Canada?

Hello all.

GF just bought an HTC Incredible S.

She wants to buy music from the phone like I do from iTunes on my iPhone 3G.

i.e. She wants to browse music and then be able to buy and download directly on the phone.

I know that in the US you can use Amazon MP3 but the Amazon appstore and mp3 store is not available to Canadians. Tried zik.ca but they do not have a mobile store or app.

Help me out here.

How do canadians buy music on their android phones ?


#1 shamel, Jul 1, 2011
I don't know of such service. I just went from iPhone to Android, assuming Amazon's mp3 store was accessible in Canada. I'm also looking for one was well, someone help!

The only music service that I've found so far, are free mp3 downloaders... And being on iTunes for so long it feels kinda wrong to be downloading free music.
#2 gsh0ck, Nov 24, 2011
The HMV music store app is the only thing I have found so far. Check it out. Let me knlw if there are any more.
#3 dylanberry, Dec 10, 2011
You can buy music right from the market now. You just need Google Music, and the latest market version. I like it a lot, but it is not perfect. It is missing some music (Warner Music Group, for one) and the music is streaming. Not good for your data charges. But you can download the music for offline. There is some free music you can download though, and prices are not bad on the rest of the music.
#4 ninja_reject, Dec 12, 2011
As I know Google Music is also not available in Canada. But I just saw an article, this article is teach you how to use Google Music out of U.S. A long article, maybe it can be helpful.
#5 Anfans, Dec 13, 2011
Zunior sells Canadian indie music online. They don't have an Android app, but I buy directly from their website and just download the zip files directly to my phone.

7digital is a US-based store that sells music in Canada, and they do have an Android app. I think the app is a little more complicated than it should be, but they've got a really good selection of music.

I hope that helps.
#6 b424225, May 12, 2012
I hate that Amazon does not sell MP3 in Canada... So much for free trade! Well so what I do is buy from apple on iTunes and manually copy the music over to my S4... Not convenient and I so wanted to get out of the iVerse but just like in the Godfather "when you think your out they pull you back in" in this case it is the failing, and lack of vision of Amazon that keeps me buying from their competitor.
#7 vernb, Aug 28, 2013
With a smile and a thank you? ;-)
#8 oleb84, Aug 28, 2013