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How I writes number with letter

Pls help.. Sometime I chat customer care they say inter your address. At that time I could not enter any alphabet because my Redmi note 4 haven't this facility or unknown. If anyone has this solution pls. Say.


#1 Neerja Choudhary, Oct 12, 2017
Welcome to AF @Neerja Choudhary :)

Do you mean that you didn't / don't have the ability to use a soft (virtual) keyboard when in the chap app? (or are you asking about how to get to the number portion of the keyboard?)
#2 scary alien, Oct 12, 2017
I mean if I talking someone to my android phone at that time I write number easily with the help of dial tone but I didn't write any alphabet on my iPhone dial tone how could I do
#3 Neerja Choudhary, Oct 13, 2017