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Support how to access SD card?

I have a 32 GB SD card added into my A100, and it shows up great over USB, but I can't seem to access the contents through regular apps.

The Settings/storage page shows the card, and that it has 11GB full, 19 GB free, but doesn't show any internal directory structure.

Apps like ES file explorer show /sdcard/ but that is the internal card (only).

The gallery (photo) app does show things I put into the /photo/xxx folder on the SD, so that works fine.

But I have a lot of other stuff, mp3 music, ebooks, pdf's, etc, and don't know how to get to them.


#1 guthrie, Dec 13, 2011
I just got a Acer A100 too and discovered the SD card is useless. A 8gb tablet is pretty D&$% useless if you can't use the microSD slot. Taking it back tomorrow. Wish to Hell these company’s would stop advertising feature on their devices that they don't have working.
#2 sundance2011, Dec 16, 2011
Are you sure it's not the apps you are using at fault and not the tablet? Maybe try different apps
#3 omnius, Dec 17, 2011
/mnt/sdcard is internal storage.

/mnt/external_sd is microSD card.

Works for me.
#4 carlash, Dec 17, 2011
Perhaps you could clarify - what works for you?

For example, in ES file explorer, I only see: /sdcard/,
and music player, videos, etc... all show empty directories.

How do I access the files on external_sd from apps?
#5 guthrie, Dec 17, 2011
microSD card works in my A100.

In ES file explorer go to "Settings" > "Home Directory" and set home to "/" or "/mnt" (without quotes). Then look for external_sd in /mnt folder.
#6 carlash, Dec 17, 2011
I tried es but it didn't work, try astro, works for me, start the app then choose file manager then choose the up icon select external_sd
#7 seenyisme, Dec 19, 2011
I have read that sometimes a tablet only accepts specific microSD brands and classes of card.
Do your tablet manuals say anything about what microSD cards it takes?
#8 Chrome Cat, Dec 21, 2011
No problems with my A100
. Using the card for large and media files. Smooth access. No issues like I saw described here.
#9 AndreQ, Dec 21, 2011
This is the trick that worked for me. Thanks very much.
The internal memory is plenty for my apps, the 32gb micro-SD card I use for music/movies
#10 L0KY, Dec 26, 2011
How do you get to the ES file explorer?
#11 agraham2011, Jan 1, 2012

The ES File Explorer is an app you download from the Market. There will be a shortcut on your homepage once you install it. Hope that helps.
#12 mbob63, Jan 1, 2012
how do I put my games in the SD Card? TY
#13 CynthiaAvey, Mar 1, 2012
I use DocumentsToGo to access my sd card
#14 richardd43, Mar 20, 2012
Most of the applications that I have downloaded have given up on trying to use the external sd card because each company making Android devices has defined its path differently. It seems that the Android OpSys folks never considered that there could be 2 SD Cards on the system.

And yes, Documents to Go seems to have solved the problem.
#15 miterb, Apr 13, 2012
Can someone please answer this in as simplistic terms as possible.

How do I get my music from the tablet built-in memory to the sd card?

How do I specify that certain things should go on the memory card and not on the built-in tablet memory?

#16 jg12345, Apr 13, 2012
You find the path to the external SD card, and a file manager that can cut and paste.
Then move the files. ES File manager will work this way. Just make sure of your paths.
Or you find the driver for the tablet, read the tablet via micro SD to computer, then transfer to External SD card.
#17 zuben el genub, Apr 14, 2012
thanks for the reply zuben but I guess I am too much of a layperson to understand your post...

anyone that can make it more simple, like a,b,c's?
#18 jg12345, Apr 15, 2012
Do you have the Micro usb to usb cable that came with the device?
If so -
This works on Windows XP.
Plug the tablet into the computer. You should get the whole windows routine about found new hardware. Once your hardware is ready to use, open MY COMPUTER on windows. You should see Acer Iconia twice - one will say camera. You want the other Acer file. Open that file and you will Internal Storage and SD card. You transfer files as normal with drag and drop or cut and paste.

If you store books on the SD card - you will have to open your book reader, (I use FB Reader)
In the library you should see a list.
Favorites, Recent, By Author. You want File Tree.
Open File tree, find Device - Open Device and find mnt- open mnt, and you should see external_sd. Open external_sd, and that's your external card.

Music and video players will find the external card.
#19 zuben el genub, Apr 15, 2012
great tip, it works!
#20 fred99u, Apr 18, 2012
When I need to get to the files in my SD Card, I go into my file manager and hit the "up" button once. It ten shows a file that reads "external _sd". I hope that this may help.:shakehands:
#21 Bilbus Maximus, Jun 12, 2012
I don't know if I'm suopposed to write this here, but I have a similar problem with my A100. It won't read/recognize an external hard disk, nor an usual USB. Is there a programe or a device that could make this work?

For example, I would like to watch movies on my tablet by connecting it to a samsung hard disk directly, so that I don't have to use computer to transfer movies from hard disk to tablet.
#22 pinkieaddams, Sep 6, 2012
If I set the home directory to external_sd does this mean that when I take a picture with the stock camera that it will automatically be placed in the micro SD card storage and not the internal phone memory?

Also by doing so does this interfere with any future apps that I may update or install as new through the Google Play store etc?

I should have perhaps placed this on my latest thread, Mods please could you move this to my latest thread please?
#23 pm5544, Mar 24, 2013